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Inspired Books For ZonderKids

We love inspirational, faith-based reading, both for the kids and the adults in this household. I absolutely loved Restoration House by Kennesha Buycks, a guide for creating an oasis at home that serves the family and truly makes all who enter feel warmly welcomed. I loved Kind is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure […]

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Last Day Of Greek School + Other Stuff

The boys just graduated from their first years of official Greek school (that they attended once a week on Saturday mornings), returning our Saturdays to us as a free day again. It was a great school year, they both learned a lot, and had the loveliest, most caring teachers. My younger son now reads beautifully […]

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Gift Ideas For Super Moms ♥︎

Moms are the heroes of the world, directly impacting every future generation while still care-taking their children today (even adult kids). Moms deserve gratitude, and BIG gratitude, which is why for Mother’s Day I compiled a list of gift ideas that go above and beyond a typical ol’ brunch once a year- way beyond. And […]

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The Best Time To Plant A Tree Is Now ♥︎

We live in a neighborhood made beautiful by the trees that line the streets, and lush, vibrant trees in our natural surroundings have always been something that is vital to happiness. It was a big disappointment when our neighbor moved in and promptly had all the trees cut down from around his property, leaving a […]

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