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Favorite New Nintendo Switch Games

This Christmas, my sons only had one thing on their list… Nintendo Switch games. They had specific games in mind, and received them early so I can report that they are just as exciting and fun as expected! A combination of holiday gift, reward for great grades, and for just being all ’round great kids, […]

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6 Effective Tips to Organize and Maintain Your Garage

If your home has a garage, you know that it does much more than house your car. It doubles as the dumping place of unnecessary clutter and often hosts garage sales. But using the garage as a makeshift storage room is not good for the car. Even if you declutter every few months, the pile […]

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Homemade Keto Pizza

I love pizza, but I became a little tired of scraping the toppings off the crust in order to eat it bread-free. I basically mainly love the cheesy, saucy topping piled high with black olives or chicken or other delicious pizza toppings, and the rest was wasted. I do actually love a good crispy crust […]

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Back-To-School Star Wars Classic Bento Lunch Box Idea

My sons eat homemade lunches for school every day, and my younger son still gets a kick out of crafty, unique bento box lunch preparations, so I tried making him some styled after classic Star Wars characters. Princess Leia and Chewbacca are my favorite two Star Wars characters; they made me fall in love with […]

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Ready for Summer Days!

We’ve been hitting the pool almost daily, and have plans to hit the beaches of Long Island soon, and we are ready! I have my Bora Bora sand free towel (sized for two, because watching my husband hugs our boys together in an over-sized towel is so cute) and my iLive ear buds to listen […]

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