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Capture The World From Above With The Mavic Mini Drone

This is a partnered post. My tech-loving family wants the coolest gadgets, and what is cooler than a drone?? It’s a sort of futuristic fantasy to be able to view the world from anywhere… except it’s not, because drones are available now for those among us that are curious, adventurous, love photography or film, letting […]

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Create + Share Memories With Polaroid Lab

This is a partnered post. I love photography, I really feel it’s what captures us all in a moment of time that we want to remember, that can never be returned to, and it lets us relive a happy moment forevermore. I particularly love digital photography, because it makes it easy to take LOTS of […]

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Have A Super Cozy Winter With These Warm Ups

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com The weather is getting colder, and all I want to do is snuggle up with cozy comfy clothes and lounge indoors; a tasty hot beverage in my hand wouldn’t hurt either! Luckily, I have ideas aplenty to share with you so we can all get through another blistery cold […]

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Developing a Love of Writing

Writing is a skill that allows us to communicate effectively and persuasively, if we know how to make use of it well, and apparently reading a lot does not equate to writing well. I learned this the hard way, when I realized my son (who is a voracious reader and somewhat advanced in math) was […]

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Escape Into The Trees

We recently traversed through the trees in a new adventure for us at Mountain Creek’s TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park, and it was so fun! If you are on the east coast and looking for a fabulous way to get outdoors with the family and have some (sometimes scary) fun, check it out here. TreEscape Aerial […]

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