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Multi-Tasking For Fitness

I try to get outdoors every day during the summer, but on those rainy days I keep myself indoors, and that means I have to exercise indoors too. I also admit to being a multi-tasker. I’m not zen enough yet to really focus on ONE thing at a time, especially when that one thing is […]

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Keeping Cool With Froozer Fresh-Frozen Fruits

New York summer days are wonderfully hot, and we want to enjoy them fully… preferably outdoors or with all the windows open so we enjoy the warmth while it lasts. We stay outside as long as possible, from the early mornings when the sunlight first starts pouring into our bedroom, and playing well into the […]

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Mountain Creek Waterpark

The boys have been asking us to visit a waterpark, and recently we discovered the wonderful Mountain Creek Waterpark, part of Mountain Creek Resort (which in addition to the waterpark, offers a popular resort and seasonal outdoor activities all year long, like a TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park and a bike park). We live in New […]

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Pool Day!

Pool days are fun! Our town recently renovated the local pool with a beautiful space for many residents to enjoy, including huge pool areas and spots for everyone to lay out or sit. On the open house day to celebrate the grand re-opening, there were thousands of people and still plenty of room for more. […]

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