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Vanilla Bean Brownies – Cast Iron Skillet Recipe

Slowing down and spending more time with my boys is an important goal for me this year. I see them less now that they are in school full days, and the time is passing so quickly that I cherish the time we do spend together even more. Both my son are old enough now to […]

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Adding Flavor to Summer Eats + Treats

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx Summer is here in full force, and we are so ready to enjoy some seasonal eats and treats. I’m especially looking forward to enjoying them on the go, because we aren’t busy with school and work this time of year- we are busy having fun and don’t want to […]

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Summer Fun Ideas!

Kids just wanna have fun, especially during the summer, but too often these days that would mean asking for their iPads or Nintendo Switch to play video games. I get it, I used to play games on my PC as a kid and I know it’s fun, but hours of zoning out on electronics that […]

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Photogifts Are Always The PERFECT Gift + 25% Off Code

Becoming minimalist meant eschewing things for experiences and happy memories, so I prefer not to give and receive random meaningless things as gifts anymore- except when it comes to photo gifts. Personalized photo gifts are not only meaningful (the opposite of going to a store and looking for something on sale that you can pretend […]

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The Diner Burger

Summer is for barbecues, and this year we plan to have them as often as possible. Burgers are always a hit, and the best burgers are bbq’ed over a slow fire for a wonderful smoky taste. What is our favorite burger? We have a few, since we’re a family of carnivores with different tastes. I’m […]

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