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Keto Snacks For Busy Moms

This post has been sponsored by Moon Cheese in collaboration with Blog Meets Brand. I recently lost almost 20 lbs, thanks to a keto diet. I had no idea that all the carbs I was eating was preventing me from getting to my goal weight, and once I discovered it, I was able to rapidly […]

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When It’s Raining Out…

Summer is a fun time of year, when the boys get to run around outdoors, play, and enjoy fun outdoor activities. Unless it’s raining. Beautiful, warm, rainy summer days are still wonderful (any day that is warm is wonderful to me), but they alter the ways the boys can have fun. At least outdoors. Indoors, […]

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At Your Service

I was recently introduced to Princess House’s Moderna™ collection, and loved the delicate design combined with the sturdy, quality material. We have children so very fragile material is impractical, but the side of me that aspires to be a domestic goddess craves pretty dining ware to serve with. The Princess Moderna collection of summer serving […]

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Those Crazy, Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

The summer has begun with a bang, with the boys doing everything from hitting local church fairs and miniature golfing, to us joining our newly renovated local pool (it’s amazing!) to cool off on these wonderfully hot days. After a looong, frigid winter, I am loving these 90º+ days and hope the summer at least […]

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