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The Benefits of Reading to Babies from Birth

I’ve shared some tips for reading aloud with children, such as re-reading favorite books and creating a set time to read together every day. Reading aloud to children is so impactful to their success in school that every family should incorporate it, and it’s never too late to start. In this post, I look into […]

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New York Reviews: Prime 1024 Steak House

New York is famous for its steak houses, and I just discovered a new one for us on Long Island: Prime 1024. Located on Northern Boulevard along a popular shopping strip, lunch at this upscale steakhouse a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family, maybe before or after some local shopping. The food […]

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Moving With Kids? Here’s How To Involve Them in the Process

Aside from putting a pause on life as we know it, the 2020 Covid pandemic caused many families to move out of their homes. In fact, according to Nancy Zafrani, the General Manager at Oz Moving & Storage, their company was “busier than ever” last year in August. “We’ve noticed a trend after major events […]

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The 5 A.M. Project

I’m not a morning person, but after reading countless times that the most successful people are, I realized what group I wanted to be part of: the early risers, the birds that get the worm, those that are early to bed and early to rise, making themselves healthy, wealthy, and wise. I wanted that- more […]

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Writing Haikus With Children

Recently the boys have been working on Haikus in their writing program. A Haiku poem is a form of Japanese poetry that traditionally consists of three lines, with the dominant pattern being a first line with 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables, and third line 5 syllables. For kids: a syllable is a part of […]

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