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Back To The Basics

I love everything about the minimalist lifestyle, and have read multiple books to keep me inspired on this path which has been pretty life-changing. Some were amazing and completely changed my thinking, like the More of Less by Joshua Becker, which made me literally rethink everything I own and reconsider every purchase I now make. […]

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Staying Connected Throughout The Day

Finding ways to communicate throughout the day helps keep us connected, and I recently discovered a fun way to do this- our Lorex Camera System. It never occurred to me to give visual love notes to each other until my husband recently mentioned that he was watching us on the Lorex Cirrus app while at […]

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If You Can’t Play Nice, Play Hockey

Hockey is an incredibly popular sport, both in the United States and Canada, but it wasn’t the sport I grew up loving in my family as a kid. We watched and played baseball, football, and soccer. I always just assumed my boys would end up on some softball teams during their elementary years, maybe some […]

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