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The Slow Days

I would love to write best-selling books. I would love to sell my paintings on Etsy, find internet fame via a fun podcast, and create a series of photography workshops that sell out as soon as they are listed, but this may never happen for me, and I know it’s because I never even really […]

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Join the Read Aloud Challenge this March!

We love to read aloud in this house, and typically take turns (sometimes I read to the boys, and other times to boys read aloud to me). It was the single most fabulous thing we started to do together in the last year, because I love to read, and now, so do my kids. ReadAloud.org […]

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Puppy Love – The Joy Of Adopting A Pet

So you want to be a dog-owner. Considering how beloved dogs are as pets, and the fact that dog owners tend to be happier people who live longer, I don’t blame you. Whether you want a companion to greet you when you come home, and to go out on adventures with, or your kids just […]

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  • Those boxer puppies are adorable!!!

    We have always gone with shelter dogs — they are just as precious. Our current dog (a white schnauzer rescue) is the BEST DOG EVER.

  • What adorable puppy photos, my daughter would be in heaven just looking at your post. I’m allergic to dogs so we don’t have any but I’m pretty sure when my daughter doesn’t live at home she will have one.

  • This is a great post. I have one pure breed and one mix. Love them both with all my heart.

  • Donna

    We’ve had mix breeds before and loved them dearly. Right now, though, we have 2 pure breeds, a Shih Tzu and a Great Pyrenees.

  • What a great resource! This would have helped a ton when we were adopting our Speckles. I had to do all that research on my own!

  • We have talked about getting a dog for a while now. Just need to find the right time and right pup.

  • We have a mini dauschaund and we love him to pieces! If my husband would let me I would probably have 15 or more dogs, lol no joke!!!

  • Those puppy photos are the best! We adopted our boxer/pitbull mix from a shelter event when he was 8 weeks old. I could not have wished for a better dog for our family!

  • My sister has two purebred dogs that she got as puppies. I know she felt peace of mind for going that route.

  • After the passing of our dog. I’m taking a little canine break.

  • I wish I knew half of this stuff when we were shopping for a puppy. This will be a great resource for those that were in our shoes.

  • I bought my dog from a store 14 years ago… before I knew that it wasn’t a good idea. She’s a purebred wire haired Jack Russel. She’s still hanging in there even though she’s deaf and blind now. She’s turned into a great dog (well until these later years) but I really wish I would have done my homework ahead of time.

  • There is so much puppy cuteness in these photos, and they look so darn sweet.

  • We have always had mutts, but our next pup will be purebred. I’d like to get one from a rescue but there are so many great breed-specific ones!

  • Raijean

    Those puppies are adorable, I’m obsessed with my own pug.

  • Awww. Puppies of any kind are adorable. We definitely have the right breed of dog for us. Our labradoodle is the sweetest thing ever.

  • Those pups are super cute! Our English Bulldog is perfect for our lifestyle – a homebody/couch potato that likes to snuggle!

  • So adorable. I love AKC. I use to only own pure bread dogs. Now our dogs are rescues.

  • Penelope

    That sounds like the type of dog I would love, a snuggler!

  • I’ve only had pitbull puppies and they’ve all been extremely loyal and just overall good dogs.

Bibliophilism and Legoholics

Typically, a mom who find her sons staying up past their bedtime would be annoyed. But, if she finds them sneakily disregarding bedtime lights out rules to read a book, then… well, my heart melted. I don’t mind a little rule-breaking when it’s to read. It’s naughtiness I am on board with, and in fact, […]

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Back To The Basics

I love everything about the minimalist lifestyle, and have read multiple books to keep me inspired on this path which has been pretty life-changing. Some were amazing and completely changed my thinking, like the More of Less by Joshua Becker, which made me literally rethink everything I own and reconsider every purchase I now make. […]

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