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New Products We Love For New Parents

I’ve come across some great products recently that I wanted to share for new parents, and gift ideas for parents with new babies. All of these items are geared toward care for a new baby, whether via helping new moms and dads to gently cleanse and care for their infant with safe and effective bathing […]

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Kids Who Make Money 101

Last year I read The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies with my son, and I realized kids can do lots of things to not only make themselves some money, but to carry this sort of capitalistic mindset and work ethic throughout their lives. So, I did what any mom who wants to encourage her sons […]

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Lifestyle Habits for a Complete Life Renovation- Week 4

How are your brand new habits coming along? If you’re ready to keep going, let’s go! Here are four new habits to try this week and see how they enhance your life ♥︎ Health Detoxify your house! I recently came across a great YouTube video that discussed things women do that are super toxic (including […]

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March 10th is MARIO DAY!!!

It’s Mario Day! Or, Mar10 Day!! My sons love Mario Brothers and all things Nintendo (well… who doesn’t?) and we celebrated by playing all new Mario games and the boys dressed like the Mario Brothers as they ran around and had fun all day. There are events EVERY WHERE celebrating, as well as deals, new […]

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Lifestyle Habits for a Complete Life Renovation- Week 3

Starting on the path to great new habits and routines and life choices is a perpetually self-motivating act, helping us level up in more ways at the same time. Sometimes, a side effect is great new opportunities that pop up because we tried something different or went somewhere new. There seems to be a sort […]

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