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It All Adds Up… Helping Children Excel In Math

Math is one of my favorite subjects, probably because math is a universal language and isn’t really open to interpretation- an answer is right or it isn’t. It’s so pragmatic and practical and useful, and having a good grasp of all areas of math benefits us throughout our lives. The fact is, we will use […]

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Rewarding Children Who Read With A FREE Day At The Movies

Summer reading has many benefits, not the least of which includes preventing “summer slide” in children. A good book can transport you to another world, teach you things, open your mind, and simply even just entertain. In many ways, good books are like good movies, and during the summer, a great way for children to […]

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Empowered Healthcare For Alpha Women

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Alpha Medical There have been times where life was super busy, and I had to halt everything to spend a day in a doctor’s office (after waiting 2-3 months for my appointment), waiting to ask for a prescription refill. I missed work, sometimes my prescription regimen was […]

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Time For Tennis!

I love tennis! I’ve played for years, since I was a teen and my girlfriends and I would spend our Saturday mornings playing at local tennis courts for hours. I really wanted my sons to try it out as well, because tennis is one of those sports that is both active and social, a wonderful […]

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Lunch At Boston Market

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Boston Market Summer is my favorite season, because in addition to the fabulous weather and long, leisurely days, the boys are off from school and we get to spend more time together. We go swimming, play outdoors, and have all three meals a day together in […]

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