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Create Photos That Wow with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

This post is in partnership with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 and Best Buy. Photographers know that when you shoot RAW images, they aren’t fully processed until you edit them in a photo editing software of choice (for me it has been Adobe Lightroom for years) to finish them up and make them ready for others […]

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What Did The Doctor Say?

My elderly grandmother is the matriarch of the family, and we cherish the fact that we still have her around to see her great grandkids. She needs a lot of medical care, and needs to chat with the doctors whether one of her children or grandchildren is around and available to help or not. She […]

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  • Sarah K

    I’m absolutely going to have to check out this app! My Granny recently had a minor stroke and it has resulted in severe cognitive decline, but she and my granddad want to stay super self-reliant, but they forget details at the doctors! This would give them the independence they want, but without the fear for the rest of the family that we’re missing important details that could keep them both with us for as long as possible!

Here’s What’s Hot For Christmas 2019!

It’s coming! Christmas is approaching fast, and we have some great ideas for gifts to help you navigate it all. If you aren’t sure what to snatch up during the best shopping sales day of the year, or what to get for new moms and babies, teachers, and best friends, we have some fabulous gift […]

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Urgent Care on Demand

As a parent, there are often times I have medical questions about my son or have to deal with something concerning, and it’s helpful to have someone help me figure things out and guide me. Other mom friends and a pediatrician are great resources, but they aren’t necessarily available around the clock or on demand. […]

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