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Favorite New Books For Smart Little Kids

Usborne always made some of our favorite books for kids, with board books that included touch-and-feel (babies and toddlers LOVE these), pop-up pictures, and books with sounds. The newest books I discovered from Usborne books have a combination of all these features… check these out:

That’s Not My Puppy is a touch-and-feel books with pages of doggies featuring a variety of textures for tots to play with while looking for the right puppy. This is the sparkly 20th Anniversary edition from the “That’s Not My…” series, which has sold millions of different books that my own sons loved growing up. The dogs are too bumpy, or fluffy, or squishy, and all the sensations that make kids laugh as they learn new words and have fun reading with mom and dad. The books from this series, with a variety of animals features on the pages offering varied textures to play with, are some of the most popular books among little kids (I loved these as a child too).

Don’t Tickle the Unicorn! is another touchy-feely book that also features sounds when you press on the textures patches. There are a variety of unique mythical animals throughout this magical book, each making their own noise- whether a roar, a squeak, or a grunt, and little ones can both pet the animals and listen to them make noises. Kids love mythical creatures, being able to imagine petting them and interacting with them makes it more exciting, and the combination of both textures and sound in this book make it next-level fun.

Pop-Up Birds has beautifully illustrated pop-ups and moving birds as you open and turn the pages… the beautiful colors, dancing flamingoes, gliding penguins… it’s all so engaging! I loved waiting to see what would pop up on the next page in pop-up books, and the feathered friends featured in this fun collectible book really come to life in stunning, vibrant colors and shape. Pop-Up Birds from Usborne had an author/illustrator/AND design/engineer team working together to create it in order to make the movements of the birds seem so real. Watching the wings expand like a real owl, for example, is thrilling for kids who can see their favorite fowl up close and make them soar.

Finally, Arctic Animals Sound Book features a variety of real Arctic animals playfully prancing through the pages, with touch points to hear their actual sounds. Beautiful scenes from nature are found on each page, offering another interactive and educational book to engaged little ones while they are mesmerized by the adorably beautiful art and engaged with the reading parent.

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