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Favorite New Books for Smart Older Kids

After sharing some great Usborne books for little kids, I discovered a bunch more that are incredibly education and fun and interactive- for smart older kids! These books are best for children who are at least four, with a focus on 5-10. Elementary school children of all grades would love the incredible amount of interesting information, fun trivia, and surprising fact they will learn throughout, and you may find you inspired a curious little kid to learn more about

100 Things To Know About The Unknown answers the questions: What are those mysterious floating lights we sometimes see at night? Why can’t the tomb of Genghis Khan be found? What is the deep web? How did a secret disease save lives? Did a rogue planet shape our solar system? And much more! This book is fascinating! (for adults too!) The topics are all over the place, so you can learn about how much chimpanzees can communicate, how much we know about predicting earthquakes, what the limit of human speed may be, and whether Element 119 exists (zoology, geology, biology, chemistry? so much!) and a lot more. My son takes it to bed and falls asleep reading through it, and the next day shares his favorite finds. It’s sooo good!

See Inside Space is one of Usborne’s flap books that teaches kids about space with lots of pull out cardboard pages filled with fun graphics and trivia, including info about the Big Bang, stars and the Milky Way, space travel, a timeline of the world, and more. It’s so cool! The process of how the universe was likely formed is clearly explained in stages with pictures, as well as scientific discoveries relating to space. There is a pull out Map of the Stars to inspire star gazing, with lots of tips for how to see some pretty glorious night time sky phenomena or celestial bodies.

learning about space for kids

solar system for kids

See Inside How Things Work may be the book that inspires your kids to become engineers. With topics ranging from simple machines and building machines (cranes, excavators, mixers) to breakdowns of how things move (cars and bikes as well as all things that float or fly) and our waterworks system, and even explains how musical instruments work and interesting details about some inventions we use everyday (like corkscrews and microwaves and ballpoint pens and vacuums), with dozens of flip up panels throughout to find more info… lots of great info!

simple machines for kids
how things work for kids
inventions for kids

Look Inside Your Body may be the Usborne book that inspires your child to want to be a doctor. It will be easier for older grade school kids to grasp the educational aspects, enjoyable for all the elementary grades- my 6th grade niece loves it- but younger kids can certainly enjoy the pictures and start to become familiar with the body and all the many systems and parts… this book is thorough and covers a lot! It teaches kids about all the parts of the body, with lift up flaps to find out answers to questions or more in depth info and trivia, or a further peak inside the body… it’s awesome! My biology-loving son had a great time peeking through this book and under all the flaps, learning about bones, the respiratory system, the brain, and more, learning new things he didn’t learn in school., and it’s a great way to get children interested in science, health, our bodies, and possibly open up new interests (hey, healthcare professionals have to start somewhere). We LOVE this book and think it’s a perfect gift for kids who are 6-10.

educational books for kids
biology books for kids