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Capture Every Moment

Smart homes are starting to become the norm, and it’s no surprise when they save time and money, are incredibly convenient, and can help make families safer. We’ve been wanting to update our home with different smart gadgets and technology, not just for security (though that is the most important aspect for us), but for […]

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At Your Service

I was recently introduced to Princess House’s Moderna™ collection, and loved the delicate design combined with the sturdy, quality material. We have children so very fragile material is impractical, but the side of me that aspires to be a domestic goddess craves pretty dining ware to serve with. The Princess Moderna collection of summer serving […]

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May: Conquer Your Finances

Einstein was a pretty smart man, and he is famously known to have said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” And well, I’ve neglected this financial marvel for far too long, and this year my husband and I turned […]

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Our Family Potrait

This is a partnered post It’s been quite a while since we took a family portrait… five years to be exact. The last family photo we have hanging on a wall was when me younger son was not quite one year old, and my husband expressed disappointment about this. I agreed with him… we needed […]

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