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Our Favorite Books For Boys 8-12 Ever

We’ve been reading lots of great books in the last year, mainly middle grade books. My older son loves humorous novels for boys, including comics, and basically falls asleep every night reading (and laughing) in his bed with a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate book in his hands, or while perusing GoComics.com. My younger son […]

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A Day Of Indoor Snowboarding Fun + Skiing Lessons For Kids!

It’s cold outside, but there still isn’t any snow on the ground, so what are a couple of adventure boys supposed to do? Head to Big Snow, of course, for some snowboarding fun! The boys have never been snowboarding before, so when we were invited to enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding at Big […]

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2020 Graduate + a chat with NASA Astronaut Jonny Kim

2020 has been a unique year in so many ways, culminating for us at the halfway point with my oldest son graduating from elementary school during a drive by parade for his stepping up ceremony. He received his middle school gym top and a cursive writing license along the way (graduating to “pen” for the […]

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Tips For Reading Aloud With Children

We love reading as a family, and reading together as a family. My sons literally pick up books and start reading throughout the day, which is a sort of miracle considering two years ago they loathed the “work” of (forced/required/assigned) reading. My older son will read a great book for school and then borrow the […]

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