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Tips for a happy marriage and strong relationship

5 Good Reasons To Rethink The D-Word

“Ugh, I can’t take it anymore! You won’t believe what he said to me today!” A friend recently ranted about her husband’s daily failings as a husband, and if her accounts were true, he really was pretty awful that day. I’m sometimes tempted to call her husband and give him a piece of my mind, […]

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When It Seems Like You’re Doing All The Work

Women everywhere share a common complaint, that as soon as she gets married and has children, she is utterly overwhelmed with things to do and never has time for herself. It’s true that children take up most of our time, and life in general can be demanding, but if you’re married you expect your partner […]

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Advice About Love and Marriage From A Divorced Man

Sometimes the best marriage advice is from someone who was happily married- and then screwed up. A gentleman that was married for 16 years and is now (unhappily) divorced shares his happy marriage advice, in the form of twenty wise tips, for other men to learn to not make the same mistakes, and these happy […]

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Are You Married To A Growler?

There is a certain type of man (and woman) that tends to growl instead of speak, snap instead of reply, and in general, see the glass as half empty in every aspect of life. You may be married to this type of person, and trying to figure out how to deal with it. So you […]

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A Love Notebook

One of the best pieces of marriage advice I ever received was to keep a “Love Notebook“, in which I would detail every single thing my wonderful husband does for me, every day. Every little thing that was thoughtful or sweet, no matter how small, was to be documented. I thought it seemed a little […]

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