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Zak! x Project Happiness

My son wanted a tumbler for school, a cool one in a great color, so imagine my happiness when I came across a company that makes great looking, versatile tumblers in a variety of colors and sizes, for both hot and cold drinks, AND wants to make customers happier when they aren’t enjoying a drink from their tumbler too. Let me introduce Zak! Designs…

These Zak! Sutton tumblers come in 20oz or 30oz and in four colors (Jade, Ebony, Coral Blush, or Opera), made with stainless steel and double-walled vacuum insulation. My son plans to take his Jade 30 ounce tumbler to school every day (he’s been asking for one forever because he thinks thermos’ are the coolest part of a lunch, and these can keep cold drinks cool for hours and can keep hot drinks too- just take the straw out for hot drinks- and you can sip or chug with the 2-in-1 lid options. My Blush 20 oz Sutton tumbler comes with me to work everyday, a pretty, BPA-free coffee mug to help keep me awake at work, and no worries about leaks. When we get home, they are easy to clean (pop into top rack of dishwasher). We’ve been using them all the time, carrying them everywhere (and saving money by bringing water/tea/coffee from home) and they have been working out great.

FYI: you know that metallic taste your tea or coffee sometimes gets after a while of sitting in a “stainless steel” tumbler or mug? That doesn’t happen with this. I sometimes take a looong time to finish my hot beverage when I’m at work, and it stays hot longer in the Sutton tumbler, and tastes delicious… no change in taste. This really is good quality stainless steel.

Zak! Designs has partnered with the Project Happiness to encourage us all to be more intentional in our thoughts and actions, and thereby influence the world (and all aspects of our lives) to be a little better in every way… a little happier. It turns out that 40% of our happiness can be influenced by the things we choose to think and do, Zak! Designs has been working for decades to add smiles to the world, starting with their fun products, and also by supporting Project Happiness and providing resources to help us all thrive. We are reading the book and love a lot of the ideas in it (there is a LOT, and I don’t want to overshare copyrighted info, but it’s filled with an incredible amount of ideas, tips, inspiration, stories, etc throughout seven chapters, a very enjoyable read that I’m still getting through a bit at a time as I think about what I’m learning and try to incorporate it into my life).

I’ve been reading the Project Happiness Handbook at night and discovered a lot of creative, life-changing habits to act on the next day, and after I’m done I plan to keep it as a coffee-table book for guests to peruse when they visit. It’s the sort of book that people love leafing through to enjoyably pass the time and feel good.

Find out more about Project Happiness here and check out Zak! Designs products for the whole family here.