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Luscious Rosa Lasagna Recipe

Family dinner parties are a chance to reconnect and really open up, catch up on what is happening, and just relax together…and I love to be the host of our family parties. And when I’m serving a delicious feast that everyone loves, it’s the best of all. I recently hosted a Tuscany inspired home-cooked dinner […]

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Raspberry Hand Pies Recipe

Pies are a delicious dessert treat for everyone, but for little kids, they can be very messy. This is why we started baking hand pies (well, that, and because they are just so cute). No plates and forks needed with hand pies, and no worry about spilling any tasty filling. I love my time in […]

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Vanilla Bean Brownies – Cast Iron Skillet Recipe

Slowing down and spending more time with my boys is an important goal for me this year. I see them less now that they are in school full days, and the time is passing so quickly that I cherish the time we do spend together even more. Both my son are old enough now to […]

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Adding Flavor to Summer Eats + Treats

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx Summer is here in full force, and we are so ready to enjoy some seasonal eats and treats. I’m especially looking forward to enjoying them on the go, because we aren’t busy with school and work this time of year- we are busy having fun and don’t want to […]

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Summer Fun Ideas!

Kids just wanna have fun, especially during the summer, but too often these days that would mean asking for their iPads or Nintendo Switch to play video games. I get it, I used to play games on my PC as a kid and I know it’s fun, but hours of zoning out on electronics that […]

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