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A Connected Family

We are a family of four that enjoys being close and connected. I work from a home office, my husband works several counties away weekdays and many weekends, and my sons play in our family room or backyard when they aren’t at school or at activities, so we spend quite a bit of time apart while engaged in separate activities. We’ve had our Lorex Camera System since the summer, and it has kept us feeling safer, more connected, and made working at home so much easier for me during this time. Heading into 2019, we are grateful for all the good things in our lives, including all the conveniences our quality, easy-to-use (and pretty fun) home camera system provides us.

Lorex Security Camera
Wireless Security Camera

We are busy with life in general, but spending time together and staying connected will always be a priority. We make sure to have at least one meal a day together, I telecommute for work to make sure I can drive the boys to school and pick them up myself, and we try to not work on weekends in order to have some family time together doing activities that are more fun (and not just school or work). During those times we are apart, we still manage to check in. The boys keep asking for their dad when he’s working a very long day, and were really happy to hear that he peeks in on them while they do homework or play in the back yard through the Lorex Cirrus app. For some reason, for kids, knowing a parent is somewhere around, keeping an eye on them, makes them feel safer and loved ♥︎

Lorex Cirrus appLorex Camera System indoors

And of course, as the boys become both more mischievous, and more tech savvy, they put on little shows for us in front of the cameras to make us laugh. I am able to capture those special moments and save them, and even send them to the grandparents to show them what little hams they have for grandsons. We recently captured them spending some time with their nana and sent it to her, and she teared up. She wants to spend more time with them but can’t, so being able to save those moments are special to her too.

The Lorex Camera System is wire-free, so I was able to set up all cameras myself. I didn’t need to hire an electrician, and since the summer have only needed to recharge the included rechargeable batteries a single time for each camera. I have them set up to be motion-activated, so they only record when there is actually something to record, saving me a lot of time in playback. They are weather-proof and have stood up well to our New York freezing, snowy winter and lots of rain, and since I can watch video live or playback video from earlier in the day or month (up to two years of playback is stored on the 1 TB high definition DVR), I just don’t even think about what is going on around my house anymore- I feel incredibly secure. I can check later to see if something was dropped off or someone stopped by when I’m not busy, or chat with whomever is at the door through the two-way voice capability if I’m not home, and even see them when it’s dark with infrared night vision.

Lorex Wireless Security Camera System
Lorex Wireless Security Camera

Other great features of the Lorex Camera Wire-Free Security System with 1TB HDD DVR, our security camera choice, includes high-resolution 2MP image sensors that record in 1080p full HD, playback recordings saved for up to two years on the 1 TB high definition DVR, the ability to zoom in on the video, the very wide 140º angle of view that lets me see my entire front and back yard (and beyond- up to 65 feet of flat terrain), and infrared night vision and motion activation powered by infrared sensors so it only turns on when there is movement by from people or animals and anything else you would want to record (but not leaves, litter, cars, or anything irrelevant). If your home is larger than mine, up to six cameras can be added so you are connected to everything!

Do you have a Lorex Camera System for your family?

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