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The Gift Of Extra Help

Have you ever wished you had a second pair of hands? Or an assistant? Or a butler? Basically, when life is so busy, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some help around? Especially for anyone who works at home and who understands the importance of uninterrupted time, it would be terrific to have a way to sort of block off interruptions and keep the work flow going when you are in the zone. Working from home is a blessing, but there is that well-known problem of constant interruptions because “you are home anyway, so can’t you just …” People with home offices know that we can’t really keep stopping if we expect to get work done (work hours are still work hours), so having a home assistant for those of us who are WAHMs and WAHDs would revolutionize our work days.

The Lorex Camera System has become (for this work-at-home mom) all of those things, answering the door for me, keeping an eye around the home, and passing along messages to people from me whether I’m inside the house or not. If someone is at my front door, or inside my house, I can see and chat with them, and I don’t have to stop working on a post, or rush home from the market, or stop anything I’m doing. The Lorex Camera System has become my assistant/butler/extra pair of hands, and lets me get things done while I’m getting other things done.

The rest of the world gets this view of my front door:

Lorex Security Camera Home Assistant

But I (the person who should actually know who is there, ringing on the bell) had this view from my room upstairs, where I usually work on editing images or writing articles:

Virtual home assistant

This was not particularly secure, or for that matter, convenient. I had to stop whatever I was doing upstairs to walk down and look through my front door peephole, or yell down from the window upstairs to ask the person to back up so I can see them, and either way, it interrupted my day. Honestly, I may only have wondered who was there but was so tied up in the middle of something important that I really couldn’t talk to anyone at the moment. And then the Lorex Camera System changed everything, because now I have this view of my front door on my smart phone:

lorex camera system street view

I can chat with any visitors, and the resolution is even better on my tablet and computer when enlarged. If I see it is just UPS dropping off and ringing the bell to alert me of their visit, or a salesperson, I don’t need to respond immediately at all, which gives me the gift of uninterrupted time to work. A writer who is on a roll, a creative in the middle of a project, people who telecommute for work and get more done when focused on their routine, and anyone who has business calls scheduled will understand the importance of being in the middle of a very good work stretch, getting things done, and simply not wanting to be interrupted, especially solely to chat with a neighbor or say you aren’t interested in solar panels today. My Lorex Camera System, with views of all my entry doors and the main room of our home where the boys usually play, allows me to get my work done, and feel like I had a great day filled with accomplishment. I don’t know how I managed so long before I had my fabulous helper!

Do you have a camera system in your home? In addition to the enormous level of security it provides, the Lorex Camera system is also the gift of a doorman, the gift of an assistant, the gift of time saved. It’s not a bad thing to ask for for the holidays (hint hint), or to give to someone you love. It’s an incredible asset to me, and I know my parents would love it too, as well as my sister (another work at home mom with kids), my brother (who telecommutes part time), and more. And this time of year, when the days are so short and we still get deliveries after dark, it’s a great help since we are all shopping online, but don’t want to answer the door at night! The Lorex Camera System has night vision, so you can still see who is ringing on the bell. Every smart home owner should have one.

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