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Staying Connected Throughout The Day

Finding ways to communicate throughout the day helps keep us connected, and I recently discovered a fun way to do this- our Lorex Camera System. It never occurred to me to give visual love notes to each other until my husband recently mentioned that he was watching us on the Lorex Cirrus app while at work. Specifically, he was watching the boys during their piano lessons in our living room on his phone while he was stuck late at work (and wishing he was home), and I realized that when he wanted, he could just open up the app on his smart phone to view and chat with us anytime! We love this, and it sort of helps on those days he has to work late and feels disconnected.

We ended up having so much fun with this new discovery that we started to wave and motion to the camera as we pass, in case he is watching (both inside and outside the house). Sometimes the boys act out a fight scene or something else they find silly or amusing, then call their dad to play it back and watch it. The Lorex Cirrus app saves footage in clips that can be downloaded, or snap shots, and we’ve been downloading our favorites to keep, especially the funny ones. While we view older footage, the cameras keep recording so nothing is missed. They can be set for continuous recording or motion detection (we choose motion detection so the batteries last a long time), and we have been activating them with impromptu dances and comical mimed displays anytime the mood strikes us, just so we can watch it back or tell each other to check in and view it where ever they are.

Lorex Camera Playback Mode

Since I knew my husband often keeps the Lorex Cirrus app open on his computer at work, I’ve gotten into the habit of greeting it myself as I pass. Our living room is where we do everything (and it shows- the room is a mess of board games and puzzles, novels and picture books, and metronomes and throw pillows) so any time I happen to flip open the Lorex Cirrus app to check out what is happening in there. It’s actually why we chose to put one in the living room. I can see my boys and talk to them through the camera, and they start to ham it up for me as I watch them from upstairs. It makes us feel closer and more connected, and I can easily scroll through clips at a glance to find favorite to view over and over ♥︎

Lorex Home Camera System Views

The Lorex Camera System from Lorex Technology is wireless, and was created to help us monitor our homes, keep us safer, and make our lives easier. It lets us see what is going on around our property and to communicate with visitors via the two way communication, and we can install up to six different cameras around our home and property to view in the same app. It has so many great features, such as night vision, the option of motion detection or continuous taping, and it is weather proof so can be used outside the home where needed. The fact that it’s wireless means we can easily move it around if we need to (though we have several of them drilled above our entry doors because we likely won’t want to move them), and we didn’t need to hire anyone to hook them up electrically for us. I just recharge the batteries myself when needed. A 1 TB high definition DVR stores up to two years worth of recordings, so everything motion-captured (via infrared sensors) is saved for us to peruse through or save. The angle of view is 140º, allowing us to see everything around with the high-resolution 2 MP recordings in 1080p HD, and we can zoom in too.

I love that we discovered an additional meaningful way for this great multitasker to contribute to making our lives better! It saves us time, makes us feel safer, it is an incredibly convenient way to stay in touch while we are out of the house, and now we use it to connect with our kids when we have to work late or just miss them. Do you have a Lorex 4-Camera Wire-Free Security System making your lives better too?

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