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Celebrating HER Story With Inspired Gift Ideas

March is National Women’s History Month, and all month long I’ve been reading and learning about amazing, brave women in history who have changed our lives. I’ve been reading about them with my sons, who admire strong women. All women today live better lives because of the achievement of so many women before us, and there are many thousands of other women today who are still out there, breaking down barriers, creating amazing things, and improving the world. All these wonder women deserve to be treated well and taken care of, even if it’s up taking care of ourselves and each other… that is more than enough!

To celebrate National Women’s History Month, and amazing women throughout time, I’ve compiled a list of products that are inspired by the female spirit and can bring joy to you or a woman you love. Hope you love them as much as I do!

gifts for womens history month

Harlequin Novels

I’ve written often about the importance of strong female role models in my life and for my family, and I just can’t enjoy a tv show, movie, or book with weak women. Women just aren’t like that, so I don’t want to see them portrayed that way for a storyline. I love Harlequin Novels and can see many becoming book best sellers, because these books for women feature characters who are not only strong and smart, but who care about other women. They aren’t supporting characters in anyone else’s life story, and I’ve started to pore through them and pass them around to friends like mad lately. We all love them!

I will write more about each of the three novels I am reading another day, so for now am just sharing what is on my reading list: The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson, Call Your Daughter Home by Deb Spera, and The Cliff House by RaeAnne Thayne. Each weaves tales of strong women at different times in history who trailblaze through life, often despite facing obstacles and hardships… perfect nighttime reading to inspire me and remind me how lucky I am to follow so many magnificent women before me. Some of these women have faced poverty, injustice, or simply troublesome times, and they bravely overcome so much.

Harlequin books

Enter to win! Visit StrongWomenreads.com and share who the strongest woman is in your life…real or fictional! You’ll be entered to win a pack of books and pampering SWAG because even strong women need to be pampered. (I think especially strong women need to be pampered.) The #StrongWomenRead Prize pack includes a scarf, a sleep mask reading socks, a cosmetic bag, a pen and six incredible new books! Join other BookClubbish women who love to read here and follow @bookclubbish on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to join in on the book chats.

Earth Shoes

Walking is a great exercise, and busy women are always on the move, so a stylish pair of super comfortable women’s shoes is a must. Earth shoes are ridiculously comfortable, like walking on clouds, and I am loving the cozy style of my Desire Flow Earth Shoes. They are airy spring shoes, sporty while featuring knit styling, and the arch support is so fabulous I find myself wearing them around the house too. They are perfect for wearing daily as I go about doing my errands or going for a walk with a friend, and they have a bit of a heal (almost two inches), so are flattering too.

These Earth Shoes are designed to guide the foot along its natural path, so any women who know what it’s like to stand all day will appreciate the. I totally get this as a pharmacist, and can think of many professions where women have to stand all day too and would love a truly great looking pair of comfortable shoes. Earth shoes are built for whole-body wellness, with heel to toe cushioning and reinforced arch support, and signature Earth shoes are made with more responsible water-based adhesives, vegetable tanned leathers, and glue-free packaging. Earth Shoes plants a tree with every purchase ♥︎ Connect with Earth Shoes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @EarthShoesUSA.


A Swedish Massage from Hand & Stone

I can’t tell you how excited I get when I think of hot stone massages. It’s sooo relaxing, and a gift card to experience an amazing massage is the perfect wellness gift for an amazing, hard working woman. I really can’t think of any woman who wouldn’t want this, it’s basically the “YES, she will love it!” gift. Hand & Stone offers professional massage, facial, and hair removal services and are open seven days a week with extended hours to accommodate all those hard working women.

Swedish Massage is the most popular massage, and considered to be one of the most relaxing , and right now Hand & Stone is offering a special introductory offer of $49 or $59 for a Swedish massage (based on location)… truly affordable luxury 🙂 Treat yourself, you deserve it! I just did, and between the amazing serene sounds and aromas (lavender), comforting service, and skill of my masseuse Carla, I had a great time from start to finish. My local Hand & Stone is at Carle Place, and the staff was so terrific and friendly that I can’t wait to return. Connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @handandstoneusa.


Casio G-Shock Watch

Watches for women that are pretty! I’ve owned Casio G-SHOCK watches before, because they are incredibly functional in addition to stylish (one tracks my steps to help me meet my fitness goals), but the G-SHOCK S Series timepiece from Casio in navy and pink metal is off the charts hot. It’s a tough, water resistant, shock resistant ladies watch that looks gorgeous! The matte navy band and the rose gold face (looks pink- so feminine!) are just my style, and I’ve had several people already comment on how awesome it is.

Other great features of the metallic Casio G-SHOCK S Series sports watch includes both digital and analog readout, LED lights, stop watch and countdown timer modes, four alarms, a calendar, and long battery life (3 years). Check them out on Instagram @gshockwomen!


Cleansers just for women

Knours. is a clean beauty hormonal cleanser for women that makes you look your prettiest, cleans off makeup well, yet doesn’t irritate your skin (no matter what time of the month) because it’s made with the right ingredients to keep your period from wreaking havoc on your skin. Knours. period skincare is natural, cruelty-free, and EWG Verified, a perfect choice for your only cleanser. Use twice daily by applying one or two pumps to dry skin, and gently massage to remove makeup. It applies as an oil that turns to foam when you wet your hands and lather it up to finish cleaning off your skin without stripping or drying. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry, and you are done! Connect with Knours. across all social accounts @knoursknows.


Artisanal Cocktail Mixer from ROOT Crafted

Because girls just wanna have fun. And so do moms, working women, grandmothers, teachers, police women, CEOs, artists…. We all sometimes just want to relax and have fun! Artisanal Cocktail Mixer from ROOT Crafted is a pretty tasty way to do it. Each 16 oz bottle makes between 8 and 16 cocktails, and it comes in a burlap bag and a pretty copper shaker so you can enjoy it yourself or gift it to an amazing woman.

Available as Lemongrass or Hibi-Hibi and made with all natural organic ingredients, these delicious cocktail mixers were created by two moms (so they know!). The Hibi-Hibi flavor is refreshing, a combination of hibiscus tea, elderflower, honey, and a hint of lemon and lime. Mixed with vodka (two parts Root, one part vodka) and shaved ice or on the rocks, it’s a fabulously cool artisanal cocktail surprise your friends will love sharing with you. You can even make it a mocktail- use club soda instead to share with kids! Don’t forget a little mint garnish and some snacks, and these all natural crafted cocktails have made the party.

Artisanal Cocktail Mixer from ROOT Crafted is available on Amazon. Connect on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @rootcrafted.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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