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Watercolor Painting and Drawing With Kids

Painting has always been something I loved, yet it was only recently that I started dabbling in watercolor painting. I traditionally favored oil painting, but since the boys are a little young (and impatient) for such an unwashable, slow-drying art medium, I decided to start with watercolors, gouache, and acrylic paint with them, as well […]

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Bibliophiles and Legoholics

Typically, a mom who find her sons staying up past their bedtime would be annoyed. But, if she finds them sneakily disregarding bedtime lights out rules to read a book, then… well, my heart melted. I don’t mind a little rule-breaking when it’s to read. It’s naughtiness I am on board with, and in fact, […]

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If You Can’t Play Nice, Play Hockey

Hockey is an incredibly popular sport, both in the United States and Canada, but it wasn’t the sport I grew up loving in my family as a kid. We watched and played baseball, football, and soccer. I always just assumed my boys would end up on some softball teams during their elementary years, maybe some […]

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A Look Back On 2018

2018 is over, and it has been a pretty marvelous, eventful, and interesting year. We did a lot and learned a lot, and I wanted to share some of my favorite new things at a glance. I will be talking more about those new things we were just beginning as we happily march into 2019! […]

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