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I was recently introduced to Princess House’s Moderna™ collection, and loved the delicate design combined with the sturdy, quality material. We have children so very fragile material is impractical, but the side of me that aspires to be a domestic goddess craves pretty dining ware to serve with. The Princess Moderna collection of summer serving products perfectly combines beauty and functionality, and allows a hostess to proudly serve her guests.

The collection includes the Moderna Infusion Beverage Dispenser, Moderna 2-Tiered Server, Moderna Serving Tray, and Moderna Celebration Glasses. Some of the glass items are hand blown, and the etchings are hand cut, creating a stunning collection ideal for languid summer days enjoying cool drinks and small hors d’oeuvres or snacks.

The entire Princess Moderna set is glass etched with leaves flowering on a vine, and adds a graceful and feminine touch to our hosting. It’s perfect for the summer and outdoor parties, as well as indoor get-togethers. The Princess Moderna Celebration Glasses are available in a set of four, and have a balloon bowl that tapers or slopes inward as it reaches the top. It is ideal for drinks that need to be swirled (think iced teas or summer beverages with ice, anything on the rocks, mixed drinks, etc), and are basically a stemless version of wine glasses. The shape makes them easier to store and wash as well. They can be found here.

Serving a light lunch with the Princess Moderna Serving Tray is simply elegant. Layer crudités and cheeses or fruit and breads onto the trays, and lay them out for guests to sample and enjoy at their leisure. The trays are available as a Princess Moderna 2-Tiered Server, or trays alone, depending on how you like to set up your server or table. We love a combination of the two, and laid out our trays, glasses, and beverage holder on our server with vases filled with seasonal flowers for a very pretty effect.

I love the Princess Moderna Infusion Beverage Dispenser! We used it to serve a citrus punch, and a homemade, freshly squeezed mango orange juice, and plan to use the infuser to create cucumber infused water for our next get-together. The infuser in the center can hold the fruit of your choice and gently release it into the water, so it has a delicious hint of flavor. The infuser is removable, and the set works with or without the infuser installed.

There is an optional base for the Infusion Beverage Dispenser, and we don’t use it when it’s just us because our children can’t reach the dispenser as well when it’s elevated. When you have guests, it’s great to have the option to elevate the dispenser a little higher for adults to make it easier to dispense into taller glasses and to keep it off the table (and it looks prettier on the base too).

All in all, the Princess Moderna Collection is a stunning way to celebrate each day of summer with your family or friends, enhancing meals and adding beauty to your tabletop. What do you think of the set?