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Our Secret To A Cleaner Home And Getting The Boys To Help With Chores

It’s a great thing when you find products that you love and that make your life easier and better in so many different ways. We are a busy family that loves to entertain, and the last thing I’d ever want is to hesitate to invite friends over because I’m worried about the state of my home. My family also deserves the best, so I want it to be organized and clean for them too, and thanks to the Electrolux Ergorapido Pet Care vacuum and ProSwivel vacuum our house looks fabulous!

These powerful, versatile vacuums are so easy to maneuver that even my sons can handle them easily, so they clean up after themselves now. As for me? I get to relax more…

Come read the many reasons why we absolutely love these powerhouse vacuums with lots of great extra features that have been making life at the Guzman home happier (and cleaner) over at Live Love Lux.