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Back-To-School Star Wars Classic Bento Lunch Box Idea

My sons eat homemade lunches for school every day, and my younger son still gets a kick out of crafty, unique bento box lunch preparations, so I tried making him some styled after classic Star Wars characters. Princess Leia and Chewbacca are my favorite two Star Wars characters; they made me fall in love with the franchise and want to learn more about the back stories and fangirl for years, anxiously awaiting each new movie, so of course I started with them… and my son got a huge kick out of seeing them when he opened his lunch!

(to be honest, i still like to find ways to let them know i miss them when they are at school, so in addition to adding fun to their lunches, i sometimes sneak in notes too that let them know how special they are to me)

I got to work, trying to make some fun bento lunches for them, and this is what I can up with:

Chewbacca!! (It was my first try, I’ll get better as the school year goes on). Chewbacca is made of brown rice and surrounded by string beans, and his sash is made of noodles. His mouth is made from small steamed mushrooms I had on hand because I was making mushroom soup in my freeze-ahead menu plan this week, and the eyes are little candies I get to decorate our Halloween cupcakes 🙂

chewbacca healthy bento lunch star wars

I also made a healthy Princess Leia bento lunch with brown rice and noodles, and I surrounded her with a broccoli forest. I’m going to come up with some character sandwiches, wraps, etc. in the next few weeks (they don’t always have rice and noodles), and I won’t forget to add in those healthy veggies- it holds the food art in place and rounds out a nutritious lunch. You can use a red bell pepper for lips, shredded carrot for hair, and more- food art requires creativity and a big imagination.

princess leia bento lunch star wars

My son loves Star Wars so much, and a good parent gives those kids what they want. Moms, dads, give them Star Wars!

I used some Glad Disney Star Wars containers to fit the theme, and they are reusable and BPA free, air tight and dishwasher safe (I found them at Walmart and rotate them since each package came with a bunch). It’s all healthy, homemade and the boys like it ♥︎

glad bento lunch containers star wars theme-2