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6 Effective Tips to Organize and Maintain Your Garage

If your home has a garage, you know that it does much more than house your car. It doubles as the dumping place of unnecessary clutter and often hosts garage sales. But using the garage as a makeshift storage room is not good for the car. Even if you declutter every few months, the pile of unnecessary things in the garage can easily leave scratches and dents in your expensive vehicle.
However, preparing an organization and maintenance schedule for your garage can keep the space clutter-free. Below, we have listed six effective tips to organize and maintain your garage.

Throw Away Unnecessary Items

If your garage has a lot of unnecessary items, take a day or two from your schedule and declutter it. Rather than doing it alone, engage all family members in the task to get it done quickly. Depending on the type and condition of the items, you can either keep them, throw them away or donate them, or sell them.
Don’t store the items you want to keep in the garage once again. Find suitable places for them inside the house. Arrange cartons to pack them and keep them in your storage. If you have paper items in the garage, remove them to prevent attracting rodents. Similarly, keep propane and flammable items away from the garage to prevent accidents. Store gardening equipment close to each other for easier reach. Keep the lawnmower in a corner and furthest from the car.

Use Smart Storage Options

Items that belong in the garage need their designated spaces. Many of us use cabinets to store these items. However, using open shelves is a more convenient way. They give you easy access to the items, are easier to clean, and make it easier to find things.
Plastic bins are also good for storing items. Organize them by color or by labels, and store the necessities in them. Use a label marker on the bins. You can peel them off and relabel them as needed without having to scrub ink off their surface.
But where do you store the plastic bins? Use overhead racks to utilize the garage space to the maximum. You can find simple racks on various websites like USA Overhead Racks, which come with a complete installation process. They’re great for storing seasonal items. You can store the rest of the bins on a shelf against one of the walls.

Use Epoxy Coating on the Floor

Epoxy floors are easily washable and remain stain-free. Adding a coat of epoxy on the garage floor can also hide any blemishes or imperfections. They apply well over concrete, but it has to be in good condition. If your concrete floor has too many deep dents and imperfections, consider patching it before applying the epoxy.
If you have experience with such projects, you can do it yourself. But you can also hire a professional to get the job done. Apart from the epoxy kit, you’ll also need some additional equipment, such as a paintbrush, rollers and extensions, protective gear and gloves, brooms, and a vacuum for easy cleanup. Epoxy kits come with the necessary step-by-step process. Follow them for a perfect finish. You can also look up articles on the internet or watch videos on YouTube to master the process.

Work on the Lighting and Ventilation

A garage needs plenty of light and good ventilation. The electrical power also needs to work in tandem with the rest of the house. Having one overhead bulb is never enough. Choose long fluorescent lights with fixtures, and use multiple based on the size of your garage. They work well in low temperatures and won’t damage easily.
Install a garage ventilation fan to keep the garage ventilated. If you have a window in the garage, open it every once in a while to let the air pass. You can also install a floor or ceiling fan. If possible, use an exhaust fan for easy ventilation.

Invest in Good Locks

Before you leave the garage at night, don’t forget to close and seal it to prevent theft. Break-ins are not uncommon. Depending on your residence, the risk can be even higher. Invest in good locks and deadbolts for the doors and windows to prevent mishaps. There are many popular deadbolts for garage doors in the market. Look up their reviews online and pick the one that fits your requirements and budget. To ensure further safety, lock the door that connects your garage to your house.

Keep the Floor Clean

Even after you’ve organized your garage with the above-mentioned tips, you can clutter the garage over time. The best way to prevent it is to store everything in the house. Make a cleaning schedule for the garage floor, shelves, and storage at least twice every month. Clean any spillage on the floor immediately. Wash and wipe the floor at least once a month.
Even if you begin to store things in your garage again, go through the belongings every six months and repeat the ‘keep, throw away, sell’ process to keep it clean.

Maintaining a garage might seem like a hassle when you’ve just started using it. But if you keep it organized and follow a cleanup schedule, your garage will look well-kept and shiny even after years of use.