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Ready for Summer Days!

We’ve been hitting the pool almost daily, and have plans to hit the beaches of Long Island soon, and we are ready! I have my Bora Bora sand free towel (sized for two, because watching my husband hugs our boys together in an over-sized towel is so cute) and my iLive ear buds to listen to my audiobooks, and I am happy!

I have to tell you about my new finds, because it makes life so much easier.

Tesalate sand-free towels keep sand from getting stuck in the fibers of the towel, so you don’t bring the beach back home with you (and all over your floors or into your washing machine). No itchy grainy feeling as you dry yourself off… the sand grains fly right off. The towels are large (the individual and the ones made for two that you can lay out and sit on) and absorbent and pretty, and amazing! You can find them here– they are a beach day must! We chose the Bora Bora style because it looks like dreamy ocean waves, and puts me in the mood to head to the ocean more often. They are reversible (a different pattern on each side), absorbent, cozy, large (get the XL, at least two people can lay out on it), and perfect for the beach, the pool, or a picnic day.

tesalate bora bora towel
sand free beach towel
tesalate towel

My other great find are the intuitive, super easy to use ear buds by iLive (you can find them here) that connect to my gadgets so quickly, and are paused and unpaused easily by just touching the super sensitive body with my finger tip. The sound is crisp and clear and loud, and I love being able to toss away my messy wired ear buds that always tangled me up and were inconvenient. I had to make sure the connectors matched the gadget when we used traditional wired earbuds, because we have androids and mac products, and it was too many wires!! These ear buds automatically discover and connect to everything, any gadget, and have the ability to change tracks, volume, rewind and fast forward, etc just by changing which side you tap on and how many taps you make. They can even be used separately in a pinch, so one son can listen to an audiobook while my other son listens to music on another gadget with the other iLive earbud (some of the controls are on either the right or left, so we do this only when they are arguing over what to listen to- the controls work better used together but I love that I can use them separately too)… these ear buds are so incredibly awesome!

ilive ear buds
blue tooth earbuds
wire free ear buds

What are we listening to? My younger son is listening to “The War That Changed My Life” for his summer reading book, via our local library’s free Overdrive app. My other son is listening to “A Separate Peace” on the free Hoopla app (also required summer reading for school, and the app has audiobooks, movies, tv shows, ebooks, and more, all for free). I’m listening to “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” and am loving it!!

Summer is meant to be enjoyed, and we are relaxing and making the most of it. What are some of your favorite pool and beach gear?