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Cool Finds

· The University School of Milwaukee assigns lunch table seats to encourage a sense of community and meeting new people. It’s a great way for shy students to learn to converse, networking, and learning new things too.

· These are modular homes that you build as you like- going up… sort of like LEGOs for houses. And you can build it anywhere.

· A woman saddened that a 110 year old tree needed to be cut down turned the trunk into a magical Little Lending Library. Love this so, so much!

Lending Tree Library made. out of real tree

· The cutestChristmas as told by kids” video ever! Children are so funny.

· It’s a tree house, a gorgeous tree house in Atlanta, GA, and it’s magical! Imagine night time in this dreamy setting.

(and apparently I have a thing for trees)

· There is a real life-sized (according to Biblical standards) Ark in Arkansas, and you can visit it here. Everything inside is built true-to-life.

· A DVD writing program that teaches directly to children, and has resulted in state scores soaring to the 90th percentile from below the 50th for many. Children learn better very often on their own, and the teacher is really funny.

· You don’t have to buy audiobooks anymore. Most are available for free on Libby, the library app, as are most e-books (new, popular, and hard to get are often on there too), so now we listen to audiobooks while driving around and on long trips, or I will read the latest new personal finance release or novel while falling asleep at night on my kindle. Some libraries also offer movie rentals, though these tend to not be newer releases.

Since I love books and trees, the recent cool finds I collected were sort of dominated by reading and writing and learning. I collect cool internet finds all the time in all areas, so friends, I will post more for other categories (food, travel, home hacks, and more) for you as I find them ♥︎