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The Best Time To Plant A Tree Is Now ♥︎

We live in a neighborhood made beautiful by the trees that line the streets, and lush, vibrant trees in our natural surroundings have always been something that is vital to happiness. It was a big disappointment when our neighbor moved in and promptly had all the trees cut down from around his property, leaving a sort of bald spot in the middle of an otherwise green block. It made me wish I could add some more trees myself to the block’s property line, and while I couldn’t do that, I realized I could do something even better. I could plant some trees inside our yard instead, to provide us with organic fruit, to beautify our home, to give my sons shade to sit and read under or to climb if they feel like it. I realized that with spring coming, a truly great thing to do would be to plant some trees, and I couldn’t think of a better spot than inside my own backyard.

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Environmental Stewardship


Arbor Day is Friday, April 26, and it’s a day when all are encouraged to plant trees, trees, trees! Trees support our environment, have a slew of benefits for our health, and add peace and beauty to the world. They are a resource in so many ways- providing clean air to breathe, fruit to eat, shade to rest in, and even inspiration for artists and writers to create. The earth is barren without trees, so this is a perfect day to take your children and plant trees together. ArborDay.org offers very affordable trees and lots of free support, because their goal is to get as many trees planted as possible. The Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit conservation and education organization and they not only help you choose the right trees for your area and climate, they also offer information and support to help you nurture your tree along to grow well and continue to add to your life for years to come. Use the tree wizard to find the best trees for you (or search by zone).

Your trees can be planted from the time the frost first leaves the ground through late spring. We planted two apple trees, an Early Harvest Apple Tree and a Red Jonathan Apple Tree. They arrived with their roots in a hydrating gel and about 3 ft high, saplings ready to be planted and grow. A Planting Guide containing the instructions was included so I knew to soak the roots for a few hours before planting, and to keep watering after planting. We planted on near our fence in the backyard, in a patch of grass that had no bushes or flowers or trees and wanted something special. We planted the other next to our vegetable garden, on the other side of the yard and within an area that we typically till to grow veggies. We are very excited to know we will soon be able to walk out anytime we’d like and grab an apple to eat!

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Plant trees in your world ♥︎


Visit Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Nursery and receive $10 off your order (covers shipping) with code: PENELOPE10. If your order is over $60, shipping is free and the code will provide you with $10 off your order on top of that.