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Guard Your Online Identity

This post was sponsored by Identity Guard®. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

There is nothing more important to me as a parent than protecting my children, and that includes protecting their identities and financial security. Their information has been compromised multiple times during cyber attacks on credit companies and health insurances, and even schools or doctors offices casually emailing their private information and social security numbers on CC’ed group emails. I don’t think relying on agencies, companies, our workplace, etc. to keep our information secure is sufficient because they really just don’t. It’s a terrifying thought to wonder what exactly is happening out there with their information on the Dark Web.

I recently signed up with Identity Guard in an effort to protect us both from identity theft and more, because parents just can’t be too careful. I remember when our social security was our personal ID number to be kept safe, and today, I am asked for it by everyone from doctor’s offices to social clubs when we sign up as a way to identify me, and many treat my most sensitive, private information rather cavalierly. I am protective of my private information, but since others aren’t, I need the extra protection of Identity Guard. My family, especially my children, are worth it.

Protect children from potential cyber-bullying

As a protective parent, I really don’t allow my children access to cell phones and social media, because they can’t be cyber-bullied or blackmailed if they aren’t on social media receiving DMs from strangers or malicious classmates in the first place, and I don’t have to worry about images of them floating around that will embarrass them one day or their saying anything that will one day come back to haunt them.

For now.

I can’t prevent them from using their friends’ phones at school, or growing up and getting smart phones and tablets down the line, and many parents already have children who are online and on social media. Because of this, parents who want to protect their children as they venture into the online universe need Identity Guard as well, because in addition to monitoring a child’s presence on the dark web and protecting their identities, Identity Guard also detects cyberbullying on social media and personal threats, via IBM ® Watson™ Artificial Intelligence.

Identity Guard evolves with the quickly changing landscape of identity fraud to stay up to date on new threats and methods of cyberattack. Their partnership with artificial intelligence, IBM Watson ensures one of the best defenses in the future for those of us who are proactive about keeping ourselves safe, so we don’t have to think about it all the time. We should be careful, but we need back-up, and Identity Guard is it!

Learn more about how we are protecting our family with the most powerful, comprehensive identity theft protection, and how you can too, here.