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If You Can’t Play Nice, Play Hockey

Hockey is an incredibly popular sport, both in the United States and Canada, but it wasn’t the sport I grew up loving in my family as a kid. We watched and played baseball, football, and soccer. I always just assumed my boys would end up on some softball teams during their elementary years, maybe some soccer, and they’d love it. They do love baseball and soccer, but apparently had dreams of walking on water, because they loved ice skating, and of course the sport that naturally comes along with that.

So for us, hockey is the sport that has taken over our lives (and I’m loving it).

Hockey requires great skill both at hockey skating and maneuvering the puck around with hockey sticks, so it’s sort of a brain game too, with so much going on, and so many different skills required at the same time. Balance, focus, speed, agility, aim, and that is just some of it. It’s a fabulously healthy sport for the boys, and I’m still sort of dazed and surprised at how this sport (that always terrified me in the past- it seemed so dangerous) has skated into our lives.

If You Can’t Play Nice, Play Hockey!

The boys dabbled in soccer over the years, and love archery and swimming, but after taking ice skating lessons for over a year each, ice hockey seemed like a natural fit for a team sport. I always had a fondness for it after watching Oliver in Love Story aggressively playing for his Harvard team. It seemed like a tough sport, a fast-paced, exciting sport, and I love that the boys love it!

And since it’s winter, and they have so much energy to get out, and being indoors is just boring and stifling, so … we are braving the very cold New York temperatures this hockey season (the high is 12º F today as I write this!), and jumping in with both hockey skates (and tons of protective gear) to just play the game. Despite the frigid weather, both boys always end up drenched after practice, and red-faced, and exhilarated.

So don’t puck with me. I’m a hockey mom, and it’s hockey season!