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Girls’ Night Amaretto Hot Toddy + A National Hot Tea Month Sweeps

Girl time is sacred, even (especially?) after you become a mom. Time is precious because life is just so busy, so I cherish evenings when I can hang out with girlfriends until late into the night. The days of going out for drinks are over, and “tea time” is too buttoned up and uptight if it’s not during the day (and who has free time in the middle of the day), so we came up with a great way to enjoy the best of all worlds when we get together Thursday or Friday nights- hot tea cocktails!

We concocted a spicy hot Amaretto Toddy made with hot black tea, Amaretto to add spirit (pun intended), some cream to cool it off, and a teensy dash of nutmeg, and it’s amazingly delicious. It totally sets the mood for a fun night in together, and we can let loose like we’ve been doing for so many years… I hope it never changes!

Our Amaretto Toddies are really easy to make (recipe below), and have a nice, creamy, hint of almond taste to them that almost makes it like you are drinking a rich dessert. After the recipe, read on about the National Hot Tea Day Sweeps (it’s January 12, 2019!)

Girls’ Night Hot Amaretto Toddy Recipe


Black tea bags
Milk or cream to taste
Ground nutmeg and honey (to taste)

To make:

Boil water in a tea pot and pour into each glass to just over 1/2 full. Steep black tea in each cup for 3 minutes, then remove tea bag and pour in about 1/4 cup of Amaretto, and stir. Add in cream if you desire, and dust with nutmeg. If you like a little extra sweetness, a *small* amount of honey added is pretty darned delicious too. Enjoy your spicy hot toddy with your friends!

National Hot Tea Day

January 12th is National Hot Tea Day! Tea is a favorite beverage for Americans, and I have a wooden chest filled with about 12 different varieties because I drink tea daily and love it. It’s my relaxing time, and if you love tea as much as I do, you will love this sweeps honoring the fourth annual National Hot Tea Day in America!

Hot Amaretto Toddies are perfect for a girls’ night- a delicious hot black tea spiked with Amaretto is the perfect way for a group of ladies to loosen up and have fun! Good luck on the sweeps, and happy National Hot Tea Month!