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Holiday Party Style- For Work And Everywhere

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com

The holidays are almost here, and we have a curated list of top products to help you look dazzling and feel awesome both in the office and as you dance the nights away under the mistletoe this year! Whether you just want to look sophisticated and pretty at holiday work parties, or feel great as you step out into the crisp evening for a date night out, here are some top beauty products, flattering apparel, and beautifully crafted writing and portfolio products that will elevate your style at work and anywhere else.

We are very excited to share these Holiday Party Style ideas with you. Our selection includes a variety of colorful Ellen Tracy apparel, superb Colleen Rothschild skincare products, vibrant Grande Cosmetics lip-plumping lipstick, the fabulous Fold Out Face All-In-One Palette from Woosh Beauty, and creativity-inspiring, elegant portfolio products from Levenger to keep women organized in a most elegant way.

The Look by Ellen Tracy

Whatever you are doing for the holidays, and where ever you go, you want to look your best. Ellen Tracy women’s apparel looks great for daytime office style, after work style, or nighttime events, with women’s fashion styles that are original, on trend, and flattering. Ellen Tracy is a lifestyle brand that knows style comes not just from what you wear, but also what you do, are, and aspire to be. They are ready to dress that woman in stylish, feminine, gorgeous pieces that will make you feel confident! We have a few curated and lovely pieces of outerwear to share with you, and Ellen Tracy also offers sportswear inspired by the 40s and 70s and 40s in fresh, sophisticated colors and prints, as well as timeless fine silver jewelry and accessories in two-tone or tri-color, and sleepwear in shades that transition well from summer into fall.

This pretty top has a nice drape, and all Ellen Tracy tops in their current collection have interesting details at the neckline and sleeves- think bows, buttons, zippers, etc. Fall fashion is easy to master with a few central pieces that are tasteful and look great with a variety of other pieces, and the colors and overall fit of this top makes me love it! I can wear it to work with a pair of black pants or just around, with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans…

… and this pretty, super soft gray midi gown from Ellen Tracy Lounge has elbow length sleeves and is made of silky rayon and spandex. It has pockets (which I love), and many of the gowns are available in flattering violets and periwinkles as well… nice soothing colors to relax in. It’s very lightweight and feels like I’m sleeping in nothing… dreamy!

Radiant Skin with Colleen Rothschild

Luminous skin is possible with the right skincare routine, and Colleen Rothschild offers three must-haves that will definitely help you attain that radiant glow that makes skin look oh so healthy! Radiant Cleansing Balm is their best seller! It clears congested pores and removes impurities while cleaning off makeup, and leaves skin feeling soft. It’s made with Loofah Seed and Moringa Oil, which smooths skin and helps to restore its flexibility. Overtime, the popular Radiant Cleansing Balm helps skin feel velvety and look brighter.

Extreme Recovery Cream is more intensive, for delicate, dehydrated skin that really could use some extra care. It provides max levels of continuous moisture and strengthens the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin, while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The overall texture of skin is improved, and this effective anti-aging product contains three ingredients that work together to plumpen up skin and intensely hydrate it- AesthiNet™, Hyaluronic Acid, and Wu-Bai Complex. Personally, this is my favorite… I applied it, proceeded to open the package with a cloth in it to gently massage it into my skin, but in that short minute I realized the Extreme Recovery Cream has already completely absorbed into my skin. I need this product! I am applying it day and night and really feel like my skin loves it- it’s so much plumper! Under scrutiny of bright sunlight, I was really happy with how smooth and bright my skin tone has become!

Finally, Face Oil N°9 from Colleen Rothschild is the ultimate in skin luxury, combining nine transformative oils to provide an intense moisture boost and deeply nourish dehydrated skin. As we get older, our skin becomes very dry and Face Oil N°9 can give it exactly what it needs! Most users see a big difference after a single application, as it is absorbed into the thirsty skin and leaves it looking radiant. Just a few drops massaged onto the face, neck and décolleté is all that is needed to make you ready to head out looking gorgeous. Definitely the product to have for elevated skin gorgeousness before heading out at night.

GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick from Grande Cosmetics

Pretty lips are more kissable, and GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick from Grande Cosmetics can help swell your pout while adding an alluring pop of color. I love how long the color lasts, and I love how it makes my lips look fuller, and I really love that GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick does this without that annoying sting that typically accompanies products that add volume to skin. It uses a revolutionary formula that offers full coverage, vibrant color, and is infused with key ingredients Volulip™ & Hyaluronic Acid to plumpen your pout without any discomfort- it works in just a few minutes! If you use it twice daily for 30 days, you may see an overall increase in lip volume, and it’s comfortable to wear and easy to apply, with an angled tip and smooth, creamy formula.

Grande Cosmetics is offering a 10% off entire purchase discount at GrandeCosmetics.com with code TINSEL10 until April 11, 2020, so make sure to pick up some of this amazing plumping lipstick! Coupon code may be used one time use per customer and cannot be combined with other offers. XOXO 😘

Fold Out Face All-In-One Palette from Woosh Beauty

I love this set! The Fold Out Face All-In-One Palette from Woosh Beauty has everything I need to look good in one fold-out palette, and as you can see, the colors are perfect. Mostly neutrals for the eyes and skin, and pretty pops of color for the cheeks so this natural makeup palette enhances your natural beauty. I love pink cheeks, so I am having fun brightening up the apples of my cheeks each morning with the pretty blush options. Do you see that brush? All those pieces all go together, so you have full-sized brushes in one tool. A four-in-one-brush! It’s included with the set, and the numbers on it correspond to the numbers on the palette of the product which they apply for a “paint by numbers” method that makes it all simpler. Just in case you aren’t familiar with how to apply some of the items (I’ve always been a bit confused with contouring), there are easy instructions to make it super easy, and under the wells are labels for what each does.

This Fold Out Face All-In-One Palette has everything a gal would need for a full face of makeup- four eye shadows to contour and shape lovely eyes, two concealers and two contour powders, two blush choices, two foundation powders, one highlighter and of course, the 4-in-1 brush set. There are pretty colors in neutral shades and some shimmer in there too to sparkle for evenings! My shade is level 2, and there are options for lighter and darker skin, so everyone can not only be holiday gorgeous, but be able to tote along their beauty magic in this small packet. The package is small, but the size of the wells filled with makeup are not. The makeup is mineral based, fragrance free, has great coverage and is not tested on animals.

Woosh Beauty says this is makeup for busy people, but I call it makeup for everyone, because it really does have everything and in truly flattering shades. I tossed my makeup bag and I was so glad to! Thanks Woosh for putting together such a well thought out, take-along all in one easy makeup palette! Ready to save 30% off your entire order through 2/1/20? Use code WOOSHWITHME at checkout here!

Fine Writing Tools & Elegant Leather Planners by Levenger

I’m a writer, a To-Do list maker, a person who depends on pen and paper to function. I am surrounded by little notepads and books and whatnot, and for someone like me, a portfolio to keep everything sorted- all my notes, scraps, scribblings and sketches- is just one of those things that keeps me together. I typically just used whatever was at hand, but when I first saw the Rose Gold Leather Softolio & True Writer Create Metallic Ballpoint Pen from Levenger, I felt the urge to just grab and hold them in my hands, and finally organize myself in this pretty, metallic rose gold set. I wanted to write all my plans and lists with the True Writer Create Metallic Ballpoint Pen, and to keep all of it contained together for me in the Rose Gold Leather Softolio that has room for my cards and tablet too. It is just a perfect fit for me!

For working women, it really does matter what products you carry to organize your projects and plans with, and Levenger creates incredibly elegant leather planners. The rose gold leather softfolio is limited edition, classic, and beautifully made. The cover is soft and a magnetic closure keeps everything stored safely inside. It comes with both a Freeleaf Annotation Ruled Notepad and a Circa Discbound Annotation Notebook to start you off on your life organizing, and has lots of convenient pockets for things like business cards, note paper, your phone or small tablet, and a pen loop of course. I am going to store my True Writer Create Metallic Ballpoint Pen, which would be a really lovely gift for anyone who works and would appreciate a pen that lends them an air of sophistication… this is a fine writing pen to sign checks and contracts with! It’s crafted from solid brass with a brushed metallic finish, and appointed with shimmery rose gold for a more feminine touch. It writes smoothly and is also available in champagne.

Levenger is offering 25% off products until December 20, 2019 with code DAYTOEVE, no minimum! Levenger products would be appreciated by pretty much anyone, and especially teachers and administrative workers, soon-to-be graduates who would love to enter the workforce with style, and women in your family (mom, sisters, in-laws)- I would love to open up a package and find the Levenger Rose Gold Leather Softfolio and True Writer Metallic Ballpoint Pen!

Happy Holiday Shopping! ♥︎