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Here’s What’s Hot For Christmas 2019!

It’s coming! Christmas is approaching fast, and we have some great ideas for gifts to help you navigate it all. If you aren’t sure what to snatch up during the best shopping sales day of the year, or what to get for new moms and babies, teachers, and best friends, we have some fabulous gift ideas for you.

Christmas 2019 Gift Guide

🎄 Epson Expression Premium XP-970 Photo Printer for photographers, memory makers, and more – while it doubles as a high quality standard printer as well, the Epson Expression Premium XP-970 Photo Printer especially shines as a photo printer that prints high-quality images as large as 11″ x 17″ on photo paper, CDs, and other specialty papers. If you have a crafty side and love to host, you can even create dinner menus (prints wonderfully on card stock), cupcake toppers (use your favorite templates), and decor (gorgeous, gorgeous color!) with the help of Epson’s Expression Small-in-One printer:

The Expression® Photo XP-970 Small-in-One produces borderless photos that are astoundingly vibrant, with 6-color Claria® Photo HD Inks. It’s fast and compact, and can pair up with your tablets and smart phones to print from them as well. The 4.3″ touchscreen makes it easy to navigate, and can do everything else you need too- copy, scan, etc. We recently made a brochure for my son’s computer school project, a trifold full-color brochure about Montreal, and it came out fabulous thanks to our new printer!

Epson Expression Premium XP-970 Photo Printer

🎄 PowerXL Smokeless Grill for anyone who likes their meat grilled all year long! One of the things I miss most about summer is amazingly delicious grilled foods. Meats and veggies with those glorious grill marks and lightly charred grill flavor are incredible, but when it’s super cold, it’s just too hard to go outdoors to achieve this for our foods. We sure as heck wouldn’t once the temperatures drop below 50º F or it’s snowing, but with the we can grill inside, without worries about smoke filling the room and making the house unbearable. Instead, the PowerXL Smokeless Grill completely dissipates the smoke with the built-in smoke extracting fan! The control panel is digital and gives precise temperature control (no teeny dial) up to 450º F, and can fit four to six burgers for a family-sized meal.

(It’s embarassing to admit how many time my smoke alarm has gone off before the PowerXL Smokeless Grill came into my life)

It comes with accessories and can be flipped to become a griddle too, making it a true multitasker and possibly all you need on your counter top. It features premium, die-cast aluminum surface with advanced nonstick coating, so no need to coat with oil to prevent sticking. It even keeps sauces from sticking and leaving residue. Think BBQ all year long! It’s easy to clean too and the parts are dishwasher safe. Find it here and on Amazon as a complete indoor grilling set for only $119.85.

What did we make? Chicken Tinga soft tacos! (I even grilled the pitas a bit- it was wonderful!)

🎄 Bee Simulator for gamers and nature lovers Bee Simulator which is not only a lot of fun for children, but offers a nature-lovers perspective of the life of a bee. We see what the bee sees and does, from the aerial perspective of a tiny creature in our midst, and go on missions and challenges that mimic a bee’s life. The graphics are beautiful, and if you have young gamers, I can tell you that this game is not only fun, engaging, and beautiful, but sneakily educational and safe (no bad language, gore, etc- totally rated G).

So if you are on the hunt for a video game that offers more than shooting or mindless gameplay and continuous influence to purchase “ups” in order to pass levels, this is the answer! Mission based arcade/adventure simulation (because let’s be honest, video games are fun) but eco-loving and teaches the importance of beautiful bees in our fragile ecosystem. Interact with spiders, fight wasps, search for pollen and protect your hive and Queen Bee from humans!

My boys play it on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s available on other systems too. Check out Bee Simulator trailer below:

🎄 Bose Frames are perfect for the tech lover, music lover, and style lover. Too be honest, these were a major surprise. It’s a cool idea to have functional sunglasses with speakers that only you can hear, but the sunglasses really look great, are well made, and the sound is amazing! I have to recommend Bose Frames as the perfect gift for the music lover who wants to hear their beats on-the-go without ear buds or head phones, and tech-lovers who want to be the first to have the coolest thing will love it too! They are bluetooth enabled so you can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and even take phone calls with your sunglasses! There is a gold button the side (the trim is beautiful gold) that is basically an “on/off”, “play/pause” button and no wires anywhere, so you don’t have that cut-off, stuck-on-your-phone appearance wearing ear buds tends to give off. LOVE THESE!

🎄 Thermoscan Smart Glow Temporal Thermometer for new parents. I remember just having my first baby, and feeling sooo frazzled. I was just tired all the time, and a bit confused, and really just needed things to be as easy as possible. Mainly because I lacked sleep, and as a result lacked focus. Most new moms (whether it’s the first baby or not) are just sooo tired, so the easier life can be, the better. A Thermoscan Temporal Thermometer made my life easier whenever one of my boys was under the weather, and are an ideal gift for new moms. I still buy it for all new moms I know, and the Thermoscan Smart Glow Temporal Thermometer is an upgrade on my original version because the glowing face makes it readable without turning on the lights (no need to wake a tired, ill baby who needs his rest). It’s AMAZING. If your baby has a fever, you don’t want to wake him up. New features also include quiet mode (no beeps) and the option to switch between fahrenheit and celcius. This is also a great baby shower gift!

🎄 Zondervan Children’s Books for parents who know how important reading to your children is, and who cherish time spent together. My sons love them, even as they get older, and I probably love it even more than the boys do, because I get to snuggle them when we spend time together reading. If your children are past age five, I can tell you that you should still read them children’s books (for many reasons)… you will discover that children’s books often have, in addition to surprisingly lovely story lines, beautiful language that teaches advanced vocabulary and spelling, engaging, stunning illustrations, and a good moral or lesson that isn’t “just for babies”. For this reason, every time I hear about a great new children’s book, I snatch it up! We’ve learned about history, the world, careers, animals, values, etc from funny and touching children’s books that are educational. Here are our new finds:

🎄PIVOT pack from Petunia Pickle Bottom for the hyper-organized mom and women on-the-go. I know it’s marketed as a diaper bag (and is fabulous for this) but I don’t have any babies in diapers anymore and love it!

The beautiful, two-toned bag has so many great features and lots of pockets in all the right places. It can be toted about or worn as a backpack, and there are insulated compartments for water bottles and snacks. Its stylish, sleek silhouette makes it versatile- the rose gold accents are so pretty! For new parents, there is a washable changing pad and mesh pockets for baby items, and it’s water-resistant (but all parents would find that useful- stays cleaner and easier to clean too). It attaches to a stroller with optional stroller clips, and the insulated parts all feature wipe-able PEVA antimicrobial lining.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas! (and fun shopping… ♥︎)