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What Did The Doctor Say?

My elderly grandmother is the matriarch of the family, and we cherish the fact that we still have her around to see her great grandkids. She needs a lot of medical care, and needs to chat with the doctors whether one of her children or grandchildren is around and available to help or not. She speaks to her healthcare practitioners as best as she can, with a hearing aid and a language barrier, and lately a touch of Alzheimer’s. For this reason, we found Abridge, the service that records the minutes of medical consultations, to be a lifesaver, so we know exactly what her doctor or other healthcare provider told her and can explain it to her if she is confused, didn’t fully understand, or forgot.

These days, grandma can go to her appointments, open up the app, hit record, and Abridge technology highlights the medical terms in her conversations so we can quickly find the important information about her diagnoses, medications, and treatments. Whether she was given instructions, explanations, or her lab results, we are able to help her even after medical appointments and have a record of everything… love it!

My own mother is now a grandmother, and both my parents are getting up there too, but luckily they are still very self sufficient. They are part of the sandwich generation, and while their own children (including me) are now grown, there was quite a while there when both my mom and dad was responsible for their aging parents and their not-yet-adult children. In another decade, I will be in the same position, in charge of my elderly parents health and welfare while still raising teenagers, and I already appreciate apps and services that help will help me manage it all- especially when it comes to healthcare!

These days, we don’t worry about what the doctor said to grandma when we aren’t around, because we can get the recording with the important info highlighted. Instead, we can focus on fun things, like cute Blessed Grandma tees and books for our little boys to read with grandma and nana.

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  • Sarah K

    I’m absolutely going to have to check out this app! My Granny recently had a minor stroke and it has resulted in severe cognitive decline, but she and my granddad want to stay super self-reliant, but they forget details at the doctors! This would give them the independence they want, but without the fear for the rest of the family that we’re missing important details that could keep them both with us for as long as possible!