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Gift Ideas For Super Moms ♥︎

Moms are the heroes of the world, directly impacting every future generation while still care-taking their children today (even adult kids). Moms deserve gratitude, and BIG gratitude, which is why for Mother’s Day I compiled a list of gift ideas that go above and beyond a typical ol’ brunch once a year- way beyond. And the SHEroes in our lives deserve it, so show your huge love and huge gratitude for your mom (or leave hints for your own kids) with these gift ideas for mom that are all something that will really make her feel special and appreciated.

mothers day gift ideas


Give mom a getaway!

Moms love getaways with the family, and a getaway to Woodloch Resort in Poconos, PA is one of the most family-friendly, easy-for-moms trip we’ve ever been on. It’s a beautiful resort that is all-inclusive and fun, ensuring everyone in the family is having a blast enjoying everything from outdoor nature activities and petting zoos, to indoor fun, shows and games, and more. I visited Woodloch Resort in the Poconos Mountains with my family once during the winter some years back, and we had so much fun that the boys often ask when we could go again. Woodloch is situated near a beautiful lake with lovely mountain views to enjoy while outside walking around, or from your room, a very serene location for a vacation, and I knew we’d return one day again, but this time during the warmer months.

We are from Long Island, where the residents have fallen so in love with Woodloch that they return year after year for the family environment, warmth, and fun. Voted one of the top 1% of hotels worldwide, it’s open all seasons (and offers so much every season), and even offers an award-winning spa and championship golf course community. Here are some images from our last visit to Woodloch Resort:

woodloch resort poconoswoodloch resort poconoswoodloch resort poconoswoodloch resort poconos family getaway vacation

Moms work hard, and I can’t think of a better way to getaway for a special mom than to escape with her loved ones to an incredibly relaxing place, the best resort where she gets three delicious meals a day, the views are breathtaking, and the activities are fun for everyone. I plan to update after our September visit (with information about fall-time at Woodloch), which I’m really looking forward to. I’m dreaming of sitting in our room, looking out over the lake with a cup of tea in my hand, and just breathing in, and breathing out, appreciating the natural beauty of the outdoors in Pennsylvania as the fall approaches- one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful times of year on the east coast.

If you’re thinking mom needs a break to a perfect getaway- you’re right! If you are a mom, just drop clues for your children and husband (like the luggage tag above with Woodloch’s logo “The Best Times Are Together” – hopefully your family can take a hint, otherwise just book it and tell them they got it for you for Mother’s Day 😉.

Give mom a break

If there is one chore I don’t love, it’s vacuuming, but it’s important and needs to be done often (in this house, daily). I really wanted a robotic vacuum, because I used to have one I loved that make my carpets fabulous… but it broke. I couldn’t find a good replacement- they were either way too expensive or just didn’t work as well and got stuck all the time or broke after a couple of months. I recently discovered the ECOVACS DEETBOT 711 robotic vacuum, ECOVACS’ flagship product, and utterly love both the robotic vacuum and the price tag it comes with. It’s my robotic maid and cleans my floors- carpet and hardwood and tile- thoroughly without ever getting stuck, or being noisy, or dying someplace strange that I have to hunt to find to return to the charger. It’s really the best robotic vacuum and does a great job continuously, and is not only smart home compatible (you can just say “DEEBOT, start cleaning,” if you have Amazon or Google Smart Home), but it has a powerful suction option and it’s easy to empty out and clean up.

ECOVACS DEETBOT 711 robotic vacuumECOVACS DEETBOT 711 robotic vacuumECOVACS DEETBOT 711 robotic vacuumECOVACS DEETBOT 711 robotic vacuumECOVACS DEETBOT 711 robotic vacuum

The ECOVACS DEETBOT 711 Robotic vacuum gets under all my cabinets and couches, and the robotic voice (a woman’s friendly voice) makes me feel futuristic, like the Jetsons, with robotic help. I don’t have a stranger in my home or have to pay someone each week to clean my home or even have to do a chore I don’t love myself. The ECOVACS DEETBOT 711 vacuum is as fabulous as I hoped, and I love it! I’m particularly impressed with how it senses it’s reaching a block so it slows down instead of crashing, and how it navigates through tight spots and into crevices to make sure it doesn’t miss anything. It maps out rooms and gets it all!

I’m willing to bet you or your mom don’t necessarily love vacuuming either, but would love to be able to get rid of the dust under those hard to reach places, or to schedule a cleaning so you can come home to a spotless home (after spending the day doing something you’d rather be doing)- this is the perfect gift!

Surround mom with love

Homesick candles are a comforting aroma for the home, particularly because these hand poured are designed specifically to smell like home- where ever you are. They are created with scents that are reminiscent of your home state, or the home you grew up in, and evoke beloved memories and images when the scents waft throughout your home. Thank you, Mom is Homesick Candles’ offering for moms, and smell like freshly trimmed flowers, lingering wafts of your favorite perfume, breakfast sizzling on Sunday, and all things that made mom’s house a home, and make yours one as well. The layers of notes include bergamot, lavender and sage, white lily, clove, jasmine and ylang ylang, and a base of sandalwood and musk. It’s made with an all-natural soy wax blend and can burn for 60-80 hours.

When I was perusing Homesick Candles site for ideas for gifts for mom, I discovered another scents that really spoke to me as well. “New York”, a warm, enticingly scented candle with notes of apples and nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, pumpkin, hay, and river, and base notes of tonka bean and musk, are all scents that will always remind me of home, because this is my home and where my family is (and autumn is the most beautiful time of year in New York). All Homesick Candles are made in the U.S. and there are various candles that represent those delicious smells of where ever you call home. If you’re homesick, Homesick Candles will help bring you back to the best times and the best memories.

homesick candleshomesick candles

Even just coming home to a scent you love when you open the door is welcoming and comforting, and the fragrance from Homeless Candles envelope you with the smells you love whenever you are home. You can save 15% with code “babble” until May 31st.

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