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Some Time Away

We just returned from a family vacation to Woodloch Resort in Pennsylvania, and what a relaxing week we had! For the first time in years, I not only unplugged, but I really just focused on my family and forgot the rest of the world.

I turned off my laptop and phone, and put them away in the room’s safe (brought along just for emergencies) and truly enjoyed a small break with my family without any electronics, social media, or email.

It was just what I needed! I had a pretty great week with these three dudes…

my men

My sons have been asking to play in the snow, and while we did get a couple of good snow falls this year in New York, our flat yard isn’t that much fun to play in. You sure as heck can’t go sledding out there, and honesty, I also felt a little apprehensive to let them play outside in the cold during a school week. I didn’t want them to get sick and miss school, so when I planned our family trip, I knew a snowy resort that let them run around in the snow as much as they wanted was the goal.

So, they played in the snow.

playing in snow-2

The boys went snow tubing for the first time, and it was what they were most looking forward to… sooo fun!

snow tubing penelopes oasis-5
snow tubing penelopes oasis-2
snow tubing penelopes oasis-3
snow tubing penelopes oasis
snow tubing penelopes oasis-6
snow tubing penelopes oasis-4
snow tubing penelopes oasis-7
snow tubing penelopes oasis-8

I went down the hill in a snow tube too!

snow tubing penelope guzman-3
snow tubing penelope guzman

Oh my gosh, I love this kid:

i love this kid

And this one too ♥︎ :

i love this kid-3

They also went on pony rides.

pony rides-2
pony rides-3
pony rides

And visited an outdoor petting zoo… it was cold!!!

outdoor petting zoo-2
outdoor petting zoo

And when it was raining out, we stayed inside and played air hockey, went through fun houses, and had hot chocolate.

air hockey-2
fun house mirror
hot chocolate-3

But the outdoor stuff was definitely more fun!

I’m ready for another trip already, but for the next family vacation, I’m thinking something a little warmer….