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Be First To Have The First Sunglasses With A Soundtrack

This kid looks pretty cool in these glasses. They are trendy and fun to wear, but *surprise* they also do something more… something big. Especially for music lovers and people on-the-go who love to look good! These Bose Frames are the only sunglasses with a soundtrack. We are trying out the first audio sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers for an immersive audio experience that is literally unlike any other, and no ear phones or ear jacks or ear anything in sight! It’s revolutionary, it’s cool, it’s futuristic technology and *hint*hint* it’s something the people on your gift list probably don’t have yet!

bose frames bluetooth

Bose Frames are available in two classic designs, each made of premium materials and enhanced with premium accents, and in addition to being able to use these Bose Frames with Blue Tooth to play music, you can take calls too! They are functional sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection (they block up to 99% of rays), so you can drive with them, head to the beach with them (well, not this time of year unless you just like to watch the early sunsets), shop with them, jog with them, enjoy sunny days and do everything you normally do outdoors, and you will be among the first in the world to have them and use them- or for that matter, you’ll be among the first to even know about them because they just premiered a few months back in stores!

It’s really awesome to be the first to try out new technology and new fashion, and this combines both. Bose Frames integrate audio technology (acoustic chambers!), popular apps (all your favorites, Siri, and Google assistant), and a revolutionary open-ear audio design even have a built-in microphone so you can make calls and speak, communicating with crystal clear sharpness. The lenses are evenly tinted and protect your eyes, and the lenses are shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant (I love this because I drop my sunglasses all the time). The best part is that you won’t have that “Don’t bother me!” appearance that people wearing earphones typically give off, so you won’t seem rude or socially closed off and stock on your start phone all day. If someone needs to chat with you, they won’t think you can’t hear them because you are focused on your music or making calls- and since our relationships are usually why we want all these great gadgets that keep us connected, this matters.

bose frames
bose alto frames soundtrack

Another great feature of the Bose Frames includes the one-button control to power on and off, accept or reject a call, control music play, and access Siri or Google Assistant, and the Bose Connect app to personalize settings and help set everything up one time. They look just like any sunglasses, but all this power is within them, and the wearer received rich audio without anyone else nearby hearing, even if they are right next to you. The frames are comfortable for all day wear, and offer a couple choices for style and size.

The two styles are:

· Bose Frames Alto Large or Small/Medium (I’m wearing these)- feature a classic angular shape, commanding lenses and immersive sound

· Bose Frames Rondo One Size- feature rounded lenses for a distinctive, trendy look with a smaller fit and immersive sound

Bose Frames are a new way to listen and stay connected. No wires in your ears, nothing buy style and discreetly sound. Check them out here!

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