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Pool Day!

Pool days are fun! Our town recently renovated the local pool with a beautiful space for many residents to enjoy, including huge pool areas and spots for everyone to lay out or sit. On the open house day to celebrate the grand re-opening, there were thousands of people and still plenty of room for more. We made so many plans this summer that we ended up not joining (and I now regret it- next year we are definitely joining), but luckily nana has a pool, so this weekend the boys visited for a day of fun!

There is something super cute about how smooshied their facial features become when they wear their goggles (my little one looks like a cabbage patch doll with his smooshed nose and cheeks) and so of course, I had to take lots of pictures.

Sooo cute!

You may notice a lot of splashing while they swim, as well as attempts to float and back swim. Apparently their lessons all this time were basically teaching them to tread water, and not true swimming skills. I learned this when I planned to switch my sons from their previous swimming school to a more advanced school that focused on techniques for those who want to be very strong, skilled (maybe even competitive) swimmers. They were tested, and my level 4 and 6 sons were pronounced to be level 1 (beginners) at the new school, and I was able to see they were right. Swimming is a wonderful, life-saving skill and enjoyable exercise, and we plan to basically start over with the stricter swimming school so they learn from the beginning the proper way to do everything. It’s a bit overwhelming, because there is so much I want them to experience and learn, but at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm them or drive them crazy with scheduled lessons for everything. I guess I will see how things evolve overtime, so they are exposed to many new things (and can learn which activities they love and want to pursue), while balancing free time that is unhurried and unscheduled. They are kids and should enjoy their free time too. And a fun day at the pool just splashing around a bit is a great way to enjoy those lazy days of summer 😉

My husband was very sweet and while I was in the water, he snapped a few shots of me too. Because I was there also, and I want my sons to remember me when I was younger and to look at our photos from the past and see that mom was there too ♥

And of course, so was snuggly daddy ♥♥