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Keto Snacks For Busy Moms

This post has been sponsored by Moon Cheese in collaboration with Blog Meets Brand.

I recently lost almost 20 lbs, thanks to a keto diet. I had no idea that all the carbs I was eating was preventing me from getting to my goal weight, and once I discovered it, I was able to rapidly achieve my goals. Since then, I love how I look, and I love my new low carb life, because giving up such an irrelevant thing like sugar changed everything.

Now, I keep it going by continuing a predominately keto diet (I do eat fruit here and there), and for the first time I feel confident that nothing will make me feel so out of control when it comes to my weight again. I know how to maintain my weight while still eating healthy, yummy food (and lots of it). Most recently, I discovered Moon Cheese, a portable, non-perishable cheese snack that is 100% cheese and available in the most popular cheese flavors- Gouda, Cheddar, and Pepper Jack- and because it’s low carb and 100% cheese, it’s totally ketogenic-diet friendly.

I’m always looking for ways to make my family healthier, and this year I focused on myself too. Busy moms do so much for others, and now that I feel so much better about myself, I feel like I have more to give to my family, my job, and others. If you also discovered the many benefits of the benefits of Living La Vida Low-Carb, than you probably understand how important it is to maintain, and having healthy, low-carb snacks available (so you don’t cave when you feel famished) is a key to maintain. Cheese is loved by many, and a cheese that crunches? That is higher-level fabulous snacking that everyone in the family will love. Moon Cheese is totally natural, high in protein and a good source of calcium, and it’s delicious.

Moon Cheese Pepper Jack crunchy cheese balls are perfect to toss in with a steak salad lunch, and you don’t have to worry about the cheese getting icky or spoiling if you enjoy it leisurely outdoors on a hot summer day or wait until lunch to have it at work. These cheese snacks can be packed up in beach bags, taken on long car rides, and added to a lunch pack whether or not you have access to a fridge at work, because they won’t spoil. My best friend also follows a low-carb lifestyle, and she suggested we even toss the Moon Cheese Pepper Jack and beef jerky together in small tins when we go out, so when lunch time arrives, we have our own keto option… it worked out great!

Snacks on-the-go for women always going

During the summer I love to take my cruiser bike out to ride near the beach, or hike through some of our local wooded parks. Traditional trail mixes have lots of high-carb ingredients, so it just doesn’t fit into my healthier new lifestyle. Talking to many women who are also low-carb, finding keto foods on-the-go can be a challenge and the thing that throws us off, so it’s important to be prepared for the day with your own low-carb snacks. It’s impractical to bring veggie sticks along to sit in my backpack for hours. Moon cheese is perfect to toting along when I want to get out and move, and my favorite flavor for toting along when I’m out and about is Moon Cheese Gouda. Every variety of Moon Cheese™ has 70 calories and 4-5 grams of protein per serving, and sells for about $3.99-$4.99 a pack.

Other snack ideas for the health conscious and anyone who loves the ketogenic life are nuts, jerky, and most veggies, and all pair perfectly with Moon Cheese. Everyone loves cheese, and you never have to be be unhappy with food on a plane, on the road, or when you are away from home again if you keep a packet in your bag.

Moon Cheese can be found at Starbucks, Whole Foods, Target, and CVS, and in addition to being great for women who want a healthy snack, they are great for men and children too (my boys love Cheddar Moon Cheese).

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