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Mountain Creek Waterpark

The boys have been asking us to visit a waterpark, and recently we discovered the wonderful Mountain Creek Waterpark, part of Mountain Creek Resort (which in addition to the waterpark, offers a popular resort and seasonal outdoor activities all year long, like a TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park and a bike park). We live in New York so are always happy to discover neighboring places we can visit for an adventure, and Mountain Creek Waterpark is located in Vernon, N.J.

The boys wanted a waterpark, and a waterpark they got, with lots of fun rides, and splashes. It was a really fun day.

There was something for all of us, and both the boys were tall enough for most rides. They dabbled in mid-level and high-level attractions, and relaxed at the easy attractions, but none of us dared (this time) to try out the extreme attractions, like the Cliff Jump. Maybe next time (but probably not, lol- it looked super scary!)

First up was the High Tide Wave Pool, because our Wave Vista Cabana was right by it, and because I always wanted to play in a wave pool! It was a first time for us all, and it was really fun. The waves were pretty high as you swam closer to the middle and continued for a long time, so the boys didn’t want to leave. I had to literally drag them away to check out the rest of the park, but we stayed here for a long time and then returned here when it was time to go, so we enjoyed it for quite a while.

The “shore” of the High Tide Wave Pool resembled an actual sandy shore, with other visitors laying out and relaxing, giving me a view of looking at land from the water (that is hubby waving at me while I swim, and a little while later someone offered to take our picture while we watched the boys from shore).

Our cabana was very convenient, and most of the cabanas around the waterpark were located near popular rides. They have private lockers, and there are hundreds of other lockers throughout the waterpark as well. Our cabana had comfy seats and a fridge with fruit and bottled water, and menus so we could order and eat in our private space (but we ended up going to eat at Mountain Eats instead so we could continue on with the fun).

After we ate, we hit the Colorado River Rapids, which we didn’t realize was a high excitement attraction. It was a lot of fun, and my older son found it utterly scary because of the fast drops, bumps, and twists. My younger son found it thrilling and was itching to go on lots more of the more exciting rides.

It took some convincing to get my son to try out more rides, and in the meantime we enjoyed the more leisurely parts of Mountain Creek Waterpark (perfect for little ones), such as Li’Dippers,

Fishing Village,

Lost Island River,

The Hook (they took a bit of a spill on that one),

and Sprayground, the water playground for little ones.

After all that, he was ready, and joined my for Thunder Run while our little guy rode with his dad first… it was exciting and fast and splashy and he was very glad he gave it another try. It was a high excitement attraction, and he was ready for it this time! And since I was getting a little jealous of just being the photographer, I handed my camera over to hubby so I could go down this really fun ride with him ♥︎

Yep, that was fun!

It was almost closing time, so we started to make our way back to our cabana to gather our belongings. The boys took a last ride down the Tide Slide before we changed into dry clothes.

On the way out, I was able to capture Mountain Creek Waterpark without the crowds, and it was a peaceful and lovely image.

The cabanas:

The High Tide Water Slide:

Next time we return Mountain Creek Waterpark, we plan to explore the TreEscape Aerial Adventure… how fun does that look!