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Emergencies Aren’t Scary When There Is Always Help Close By

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CityMD. All opinions are 100% mine.

Raising boys means lots of booboos, and often the need for stitches. Both my sons have already had to visit the ER multiple times, something I don’t relish at all, and considering the lack of emergency in each case (more of a scared mom panicking over a gash or break as opposed to anything life threatening), waiting several hours in a busy emergency room was… not fun. Over the years, I had wished for smaller satellite versions of ERs for local communities, but it wasn’t something that really seemed likely. So we took our mischievous boys to busy hospital emergency rooms for both actual emergencies and all other injuries as well.

CityMD is a leading urgent care provider that we are fortunate enough to have in our area, and luckily for many metro areas like Manhattan and Seattle, there are over 70 other locations as well. CityMD has been dedicated to providing efficient, state-of-the-art medical care with a friendly staff since it was founded in 2010 by a group of Emergency Medicine physicians thinking outside the box when it came to medical care. They realized it was time for healthcare to evolve into something more convenient, efficient, and high quality- emergency medical care when we need it, no long, depressing ER waiting room visits necessary.


In the last year alone, we’ve visited CityMD Urgent Care twice (once was actually for me). My sons have begun hockey and Tae Kwon Do, as well as mock Jedi training in the home, and it seems to be the norm with boys that visiting urgent care providers is a part of life. Moms of active kids sometimes get injured too, and the idea of visiting an ER did not thrill me at all. It was my husband who encouraged me to visit our local CityMD, which accepted our insurance and had me seated with a doctor inside a room within five or ten minutes of signing in at the front desk. I was provided with great care and left so happily that we knew all future emergencies, for ourselves or our sons, would lead us back to CityMD before we remotely considered a busy, overwhelmed hospital emergency room.

The CEO of CityMD himself shares is story, and why he felt kindness is one of the most important ingredients in healthcare:

CityMD accepts most insurances, including Medicaid, and builds upon a foundation of “building healthier communities by serving kindness”. They have sort of become a local community emergency room that feels like it’s part of our community. We have great neighbors, lots of small mom and pop stores, and our relatively quiet streets are filled with kids playing ball, block parties, and joggers. CityMD fits right in… we didn’t feel rushed, and we felt taken care of. Learn more about the CityMD Experience.

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