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Easy Turkey and Ham Spirals

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Columbus Craft Meats. All opinions are 100% mine.

My younger son recently developed a taste for anything with deli meats. Sandwiches, rolls, appetizers, even cut up and tossed into his scrambled eggs while I cook them. I aim to please, so I have been surprising him with different versions of meals that include deli meats for lunch or dinner. I am generally cautious about what my boys eat, because they are so little and I care about what goes into their bodies, so discovering Columbus Antibiotic Free deli meats pretty much put my mind at ease about being able to treat my son to foods he loves, without any worries for me.

My husband also loves a good sandwich, and Columbus deli meats are made from whole chicken and turkey breasts, USDA Choice beef, and top-quality cuts of pork for ham, so there is something delicious and high quality for everyone. It’s pretty much the perfect choice for deli meats, and the best tasting I’ve had (and I’ve had lots- I love my turkey club sandwiches!).

Columbus deli meat varieties include Rotisserie Style Chicken Breast (made with chicken raised without any antibiotics), Black Forest Uncured Ham (made with pork raised without antibiotics), and both Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and Peppered Turkey Breast (both made with turkey raised without any antibiotics). The slices are thick, hearty, and very delicious.

We’ve been making little turkey and ham spirals recently, because my older son saw a kid eating it on YouTube and wanted to try it. He can help me make these, so he especially loves them now that he’s at an age that he wants to do everything himself. They work for lunch when everyone is home, or a great idea for a school lunch, and appetizer for guests, and more… these are so versatile!

Ham & Turkey Spirals Recipe


6 corn tortilla wraps
3 oz favorite dip or hummus (we added diced red peppers to ours)
1 package Columbus ABF Black Forest Uncured Ham
1 package Columbus ABF Peppered Turkey Breast
1 cup kale, washed and chopped
6 slices of favorite cheese (optional)
salt and pepper, olive oil to taste


1. Lay out the corn tortillas and add two slices of your favorite Columbus ABF Deli Meats to each corn tortilla (or mix them up and add one of each)
2. Spread one tablespoon dip or hummus onto each tortilla, and top with some chopped leaves of kale
3. Layer on a slice of favorite cheese to each tortilla if desired, and sprinkle on dressing or olive oil of choice. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
4. Roll up tortillas, add it toothpicks to hold into roll, and slice crosswise to split each into three parts. Serve and enjoy!

Don’t they look cute? They are easy to eat, small sized for kids to enjoy easily without much mess, and the fit perfectly into Bento lunch packs for school lunches as well. They also just make a great snack for lunch when everyone is hanging out on a beautiful summer day, craving something tasty to eat. Columbus ABF deli meat is what makes these standard turkey spirals better than usual.

Life is like a sandwich. You have to fill it with the best ingredients.

Columbus was founded in 1917 in San Francisco, and still remains in the Bay Area 100 years later. Because it’s antibiotic free, I feel better serving it to my whole family, even my young boys. Columbus offers quality salami made from the best ingredients- no corner cutting! Columbus also makes incredible antibiotic free deli meats as featured above, and it tastes so great that no one has to worry about choosing between clean meat and great taste when it comes to Columbus ABF Deli meats. Stay up to date and follow Columbus on Facebook.

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