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Trendy Kids and Retro Inspiration

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PF Flyers. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was a kid, I always loved distinctive sneakers that had style, and weren’t just for running or sports. I wasn’t really into athletics as a kid, but I was into great looking footwear that was casual and worked with my outfits. I had a pair of hi tops that I wore with everything, and back then, when I was a teen in the late 90s, overalls were trending for the second time with females. The combination was perfectly on trend, and I loved casual sneakers ever since.

PF Flyers have that retro sort of cool that never goes out of style, so when I shopped for pairs for my boys, I knew they’d look great parading around in them. My sons love sneakers, but also love picking out their outfits and mixing and matching their style, so they each picked out the PF Flyers they wanted, along with their own outfits.

(they don’t let me do the twins thing anymore)

PF Flyers kids shoes styles are available in sizes ranging from infant to youth child sizes (so even babies can sport vintage classic coolness), and these fashion-forward sneakers give off more of a vibe of classic styling than sports.

My older son picked out the Center Lo in white, a streamlined version of iconic basketball sneakers. The Center Lo features the signature vertically-ribbed toe guard, distinctive treaded outsole, and the Posture Foundation insert that made PF Flyers so comfortable they became a household name. He’s definitely preppier than my younger son, so this is a perfect sneaker for a boy with more collegiate taste in clothes.

My younger son picked out The Sandlot Center Hi, PF’s signature sneaker. It also has a vertically-ribbed toe and treaded outsole, and throwback branding. It’s the kind of sneaker that makes you think of a bunch of neighborhood kids getting together to play stick ball or tag, which my sons do with the local kids, and we ended up watching “The Sandlot” together because it was right up their alley. The 1960s vibe of the movie about young boys going on adventures together inspired them, they are all about friends and silly exploits.

After, we went out for some fun around the neighborhood and by our own local park!

The summer is almost over, the fall is coming, and everyone knows autumn brings the best fashion looks of the year. My sons will be strutting with the best of them, and look really cool for back to school. PF Flyers began crafting authentic American style in 1937, and luckily for the stylish, you can buy PF Flyers for your kids too. Check out PF Flyers on YouTube for style inspiration!

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