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Look What Kids #Kandoo All By Themselves

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kandoo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Potty training the boys was quite an adventure, and it was sooo different for each one. My older son was rush-trained so he’d be eligible for pre-school (they required all children be potty trained by the first day of class or out they go). I was informed by his teacher that she has never seen a two year old boy stand in front of the potty to pee, but since I trained him (and thought that was how boys peed from the start), he was potty trained that way.

With my second son, I was more relaxed. I think most of us parents let loose a little more with subsequent children (after realizing crazy-making parenting didn’t help anyone, and no child was harmed if they weren’t potty trained by age 4). The convenience of potty training children is immeasurable though. While I let my second son sit on the toilet to train, and didn’t care that it took an additional year for him to stop wetting the bed at night, I did make efforts to help him potty train and take care of business on his own (with me checking on him early on to make sure he was doing ok).

The final frontier… for pre-schoolers

both boys go to the bathroom by themselves, and of course the next step was to teach them to wipe themselves without adult help, and do a good job of it. This is where Kandoo Flushable Wipes come to the rescue, because they are made just for kids. They’re easy to use and are perfect for little hands. The wipes tub opens with the push of a button, and no rolling or ripping is required. They clean up to 30% better than toilet paper (no itchy children moving around like they have ants in their pants) and the wipes are both flushable and biodegradable, so it doesn’t matter that they toss them into the bowl.

It was the final step in my kids being able to use the bathroom independently, so they feel, and are, empowered to take care of business on their own, no matter where they are and who they are with.

Are you ready to start potty training your child? Here are my tips for you:

1. Lay off the pressure- both on your child and yourself.
2. Be ready for set backs with items like mattress protectors and overnight diapers designed for the potty training stage.
3. Get your kid a cool-looking potty that is “just” his or hers so they can feel special (and maybe not so intimidated by that big throne mom and dad use.)
4. Don’t go crazy with gadgets or apps or charts or eBooks with magical tricks. It’s a waste of money (and frustrating) to make it more complicated than just the simple act of going potty and then cleaning oneself.
5. Keep Kandoo Flushable Wipes close at hand so they don’t need to call anyone to help them once they get the hang of it (and feel like big kids who #kandoo it all by themselves)!

Kandoo is the #1 Flushable Wipe for Kids, and is available in refillable tubs (to keep at home) and on-the-go travel packs (for everywhere else). It’s the right tool for toddlers who are potty training and ready to be big kids who do it all themselves. It’s also great for grade school kids because, hello, 30% cleaner! Kandoo Flushable Wipes can be found in the baby and toddler aisles of Target, WalMart, Kroger and other retailers.

Kandoo offers a wide variety of Kandoo Potty Training Tools & Tips that can help parents. You aren’t in this alone! We all rise to the potty training challenge in our parenting adventures.

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