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Swimming Lessons!

The boys are back in the pool, taking swimming lessons like the past two years. The difference is, this year, my younger son actually got into the pool. Last year I paid to watch him watch other kids take lessons, and it was not fun for me at all, lol. He promised he would get into the pool this year, and I said if he didn’t I would never ever ever let him take any lessons with anyone ever again, because money doesn’t grow on trees (he didn’t understand what that meant, he’s pretty literal and thought I was being a tad unsmart).

But sure enough, he got into the pool … yahoo!

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My older son did pretty well with lessons last year, so this year he is at level 2. His first year was a not memorable experience at a pool where the teachers were teens who took turns teaching when they weren’t texting, so he always had a new instructor who basically started him from scratch each lesson, and he didn’t advance at all. I’m happy to have found a new location for lessons that offer consistency and structure, so of course we returned for a second year.

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Honestly, I think they both did really well! They are just starting and need to build up strength, practice, and learn techniques, especially since they are pretty much only in a pool during lessons. My mother in law is very sweet and offered to have the boys visit her pool to practice, which is very fun for them. It’s wonderful to take lessons for something that is not only life-saving, but a fun sport, and I’m really proud how well they did during their first lesson despite not really having many other opportunities to swim during the year. I think they are going to spend a lot of time with their nana this summer!

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And they look really cute in their floaties and make funny faces while they learn… I never get enough of it.