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Mornings At The Guzman House

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jimmy Dean through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jimmy Dean Delights, all opinions are my own.

Our mornings are busy, but as long as we know what we have to do for the day, and power up with a good breakfast to start the day off right, we know it will be a good day.

I tend to follow a routine that helps us have a great morning each day in our home, and I’m happy to share it below to give you some ideas if you are trying to figure out your own better way to begin your days.


4 Morning Tips For A Great Day

1. The best mornings for us actually start the night before. It’s a great idea to take a look at your To Do listfor the next day the evening before so you can wake up and know what needs to be done, and have your priorities for the day ready. If you at least get the most pressing things done, you’ll feel like you accomplished a lot. If you also have your clothes picked out for the next day and laid out already, it’s another time saver in the morning- no wasted time figuring out what to wear.

2. Routines are a life saver for me. Since I’m soo tired in the mornings, I can barely remember anything before that first coffee sip. If I know my morning routine, and am in the habit of doing the same things on autopilot, it makes it easier. Wake up (and wake everyone else up), brush teeth, get dressed, head to the kitchen to drink coffee and make breakfast.

3. Have coffee pre-programmed so I can grab a cup as soon as I walk into the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen to the aroma of coffee, and within moments being able to take a sip, saves me time as well in the morning (and for hubby, who walks in shortly after to a waiting cup o’ joe of his own). Anything that can beprogrammed to be ready for you is pretty much always a good thing.

4. Make a breakfast with real ingredients like Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese Croissant to help keep powered up for the day. Jimmy Dean Delights are an excellent source of protein and made with real ingredients like whole eggs, lean meat, and real veggies, and are easy to grab for days you need a portable breakfast to take on the go. They make it easy to provide my family a wholesome breakfast any day of the week (or time of the day- we like breakfast for lunch and dinner too) and it saves time, because it’s ready from the microwave in just two minutes. No rush through a drive-thru eatery for a breakfast sandwich.


So start the day off right! Have everything ready the night before, know what your priority To-Do items are for the day, and start your family off on the right foot for the day with a delicious, wholesome breakfast.

Watch The Morning Swap video

To show America where the real whole grains in Jimmy Dean Delights are grown, they had a real mom and a real farmer swap mornings. The busy mom could experience a morning on the farm and see where the grains she feeds her family are grown, while the farmer got to see how his hard work helps moms everywhere give their families a tasty breakfast and good morning.

Check out the video here!