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The Little Moments Matter- Make Them Wonderful

Coffee is the great uniter, something we all have in common and that we all can connect over. We gather at each others homes for sobremesas, or in the break room at work, or when visiting with friends, and the common theme across all those moments of friendship is coffee.

Have you ever had a get together without coffee? It doesn’t work. You all idle around, the chatter is nervous, fingers are fidgety, and people are looking at their watches. That all changes with NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™. Suddenly, everyone has time and no where else to go. Conversation is easy, there is laughter, and the atmosphere is relaxed.


If you’ve ever had a dinner party, you probably face that moment after everyone has eaten where you hear guests start asking “does anyone know if there is coffee?” “Is that coffee you are drinking” and you realize it’s time to make a hot pot of NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™. They need it to unwind and relax, and finally start to feel free to let hair down.

So always have some NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ near by, because that is how the atmosphere will change and your guests will enjoy a sobremesa moment. It’s a part of Hispanic culture (and goes by different names in others), and it’s truly what unites us all. NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ has a rich, bold, unique taste and is a familiar “cafecito” that Latino consumers know and love from home.

Have fun with the girls! Make sure everyone at the party is relaxed and letting loose…. serve NESCAFÉ Clásico to make your house the cafe to be at! NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ is the leading coffee for Latinos in the U.S. It is 100% pure coffee, made from a blend of selected coffee beans, carefully roasted to capture its full flavor and aroma.

(and you don’t need a table to sit around if it’s too stuffy… sit outside on the patio, have a picnic, watch a movie together on sofas, and just all curl up with your own cup of NESCAFÉ Clásico).

NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ makes friendships happen.


The Sobremesa Project

See the effect of connecting with loved ones as you linger to share a cup of coffee in the video below of the Sobremesa Experiment… something that fills me with wistful longing when I think back on all those times I did this with friends who have moved on and family that is now far away. This is inspiring me to invite people over for coffee as soon as possible. Coffee is definitely a friendship glue… see the difference yourself:

Share your own Sobremesa moments with @NESCAFELatino #MomentoNESCAFE. Find NESCAFÉ on Facebook here.

Many thanks to NESCAFÉ Clásico for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to live life to the fullest!