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Grab & Go Items For Busy Days

I’m sharing #beyondordinary in my life as part of a Sahale Snacks® sponsored series for Socialstars™

I’m always on the go, especially during the holidays, and I would imagine most of you reading this now are also. We’re moms, we are busy, and while we don’t want to rush the important moments with our children, we also appreciate anything that streamlines our schedule and routine. Like a good grab & go snack from Sahale Snacks®… when you don’t have time to cook, or even go home, but you still need some powering up when you’re hungry and need to keep going.

sahale snacks salted caramel apple pecan-2

New Sahale Snacks® Layered Nut Bars make snacking on the go more delicious than ever, with the Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Layered Nut Bar. It is ideal for on the go parents, daily commuters or drivers sitting in rush hour traffic, anyone who works long hours with short (or no) breaks, travelers who pack light and still want healthy and nutritious.

Sahale Snacks® Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Layered Nut Bars are grab and go snacks that keep up with you, throughout it all, and keep you going to do it all. I take my snack bars, my keys, and my sunglasses and I can head out the door, ready for anything.

sahale snacks salted caramel apple pecan

Even if all you want to do is sit home, looking up at the stars and dreaming, writing, drawing, creating… you can’t have your inspiration interrupted with hunger pangs. Grab your Layered Nut Bar Snack instead! The Sahale Snacks® Layered Nut Bars are two layers of yumminess, pairing a top layer of crunchy, dry-roasted nuts on top of a creamy cashew butter, drizzled with real chocolate. Sahale Snacks® go Beyond Ordinary™ when it comes to seeking out the highest quality ingredients for their products, so you can feel good eating them too.

(and personally, those dry-roasted almonds and that layer of chocolate together? perfect!)

If you’d love to know the full range of products offered, visit Sahale Snacks®.

Check out the Sahale Snacks® Promise page where they speak about their commitment to sustainability. When we support them, we support a company that cares about sustainability… so is this the perfect snack? It just might be!

sahale snacks salted caramel apple pecan-3