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How To (Really) Get Long, Gorgeous Hair- In Less Than 10 Minutes

Pinterest is filled with stunning images of gorgeously-tressed gals strutting their stuff while their voluminous hair floats around them. I always wondered how these women could have such healthy looking, long, shiny hair despite obviously coloring and styling it on a regular basis, and one day learned they didn’t.

They pretty much all- from celebrities and models, to fashion and beauty bloggers, and even women we see everyday walking around with Rapunzel-like hair- wear hair extensions, because most of us just can’t get superlong, thick, gorgeous hair that is lustrous and healthy after all that highlighting, blow-drying, etc. Chemical damage and heat processing (plus life stress) just thins hair out.

My hair isn’t bad, it’s just sort of flat and thin, and at present about halfway down my back. After I blow it out, it’s relatively shiny, but lacks the volume I crave that is necessary for that sexy, 60’s sex kitten vibe, and I always wanted looong, all the way down my back, Rapunzel hair. Not something that would come easy naturally to a gal with thinnish hair that is double processed and blow-dryed almost daily to straighten out natural curls.

My hair is naturally kind of wispy and limp

before hair extensions

Once I realized the truth, that women with gorgeous caramel, golden, flaxen, etc hair that reaches their waist are actually all sporting hair extensions to get that, I stopped tormenting myself for “failing” and not having that hair naturally. Instead, I decided to join all these women, and tried my first hair extensions ever, from Irresistible Me. They were a perfect match for my hair base, looked natural, and my husband found them irresistibly hot. They were also easy to put in and style in under 10 minutes… and suddenly, I was a pinterest picture.

Recently, I learned Irresistible Me makes highlighted hair extensions to blend in even more naturally, making what I thought was an amazing thing just perfect.

A perfect color match!

matching putting on hair extensions

Easily clips in

With many size choices (one clip width up to five clips) and many, many pieces, you can add a lot of length and volume easily… with just the snap of these clips. I only used about five pieces here (for everyday or even a casual date night with hubby, it seems like the right amount) and the difference is still incredible.

matching putting on hair extensions-2
matching putting on hair extensions-3

Irresistible Me highlighted extensions are customized to your hair color (you choose the base color and highlights shades) and these extenstion are even more beautiful, and even more natural looking. My hair to me was more gorgeous than anything I saw on pinterest or in a magazine, because my hair was now not only longer and fuller, and looked natural, but it was mine!

Waist-length Rapunzel hair!

natural looking highlighted blonde hair extensions penelope guzman-3
natural looking highlighted blonde hair extensions penelope guzman-4

irresistible me highlight blonde hair extensions
irresistible me highlight blonde hair extensions-2
irresistible me highlight blonde hair extensions-3
irresistible me highlight blonde hair extensions-4

I couldn’t get enough of throwing my long, thicker hair around and admiring it. It looks like it’s mine, and so healthy and gorgeous! Ready to become irresistible too? Check out Irresistible Me!

(I can’t wait to see what my husband thinks.)