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The Best Evenings Are Spent At Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TruMoo Chocolate Milk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hot chocolate is the beverage of choice in our home this time of year, and my children ask for it often. It’s the best way to end the day. Whether they were at school all day, or playing outside on a weekend day, it’s cold out there and it’s warm inside! I heat up some TruMoo hot chocolate for each son a mug while we cozy up together under some warm blankets for story time (my older son loves to read to his brother), and my sons especially love to snuggle together with their TruMoo hot chocolates nearby when it’s dark and thundering or snowy out.


The daylight hours are so short in New York this time of year that we spend much more time indoors, and what better way to spend the evening is there than relaxing together and sipping a favorite hot chocolate drink? During the rest of the year, we enjoy TruMoo cold and delicious, right out of the fridge, but we decided to try it hot, and it’s pretty darned good! I simmered some TruMoo hot chocolate in a pot until it was nice and toasty warm, and poured each of my boys their own mug (and popped it a few marshmallows), and then it was story time!

try it hot

TruMoo is just as delicious as hot chocolate as it is as cold chocolate milk, and it’s made with real milk. It has the perfect amount of chocolate to make it yummy, so dad enjoys some TruMoo hot chocolate with us too when he joins us for game night. And of course, we have to set some out for Santa… he might one some for his long trip. It’s cold out there on all those rooftops and some hot chocolate may be just the ticket- and we don’t want any lumps of coal in our stockings!


Time flies, and these years with our little ones are the best, so we try to enjoy them as much as we can. Sometimes we bake, sometimes we craft, we watch lots of holiday cartoons, and we read lots of books. Christmas books are a lot of fun and as my son says when we’re all hanging out, just the four of us with our faux fire roasting and our hot chocolates in hand- “This is the life!”

If you want a simple evening in with your family, get some books or board games, and of course some cookies and blankets, and especially make sure to have some TruMoo chocolate milk (and Try it Hot!). Relax together inside where it’s warm, and have fun together making memories. I really think lounging around drinking hot chocolate and playing board games late into the night slows down time (it’s the secret to stopping that “Where does the time go??” syndrome) so just enjoy this time as much as you can, and stretch these wonderful winter evenings out!


Find TruMoo on Facebook, and Try it Hot with TruMoo on Pinterest! (and don’t forget to leave some out for Santa too).

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