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25 Cents Can Save Lives @VitaminAngels #LifeSavingGift

This post brought to you by Vitamin Angels. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Penelope’s Oasis.

We tend to take a lot for granted, and it’s a reflection of how blessed and lucky many of us are. Our children are well fed and we have access to quality healthy care around the clock. It would be wonderful if this was the case everywhere in the world, especially for young children and women who are pregnant and new mothers, but it’s not. Vitamin Angels is an organzation that is working hard to change this, by helping at-risk populations in need gain access to life-saving vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin Angels specifically targets women who are pregnant, new moms, and children under give and in 2014 worked to reach 40 million children in 45 different countries, including the U.S. These numbers are staggering. It’s sad to think so many people are in need, and an organization reaching out with such a wide net to help change their lives is worthy of the four-star rating it receives in seven consecutive years from Charity Navigator for its financial health, accountability and transparency. More than 90% of each donation goes to Vitamin Angels programs, and they are saving millions of lives with the simple vitamins we take for granted.

Any donation at all, even 25 cents, can bring lifesaving vitamins to children in need.

Vitamin Angels

25 cents can provide a child with a dose of vitamin A twice a year, reducing mortality in at-risk children by up to 24%! Just a quarter to potentially save a life, because vitamin A supplements are one of the least expensive solutions to helping address preventable child deaths. Vitamin Angels is fund-raising this holiday season in an effort to save many more young lives in such a simple way. You can donate, or give a donation in honor of an individual as a gift. It’s a gift that is paid forward and keeps giving,

About 190 million children worldwide under the age of give suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, and over 1/2 a billion under age 3 are at risk. The result can be a weaker immune system, childhood blindness, and in worst cases, death. Children in areas with limited resourced and poor sanitation are at extreme risk for life-threatening illnesses such as measles or diarrhea, and their families do not have access or the resources to provide them with or grow vitamin A rich foods. Too many of these children are not being reached by government health services, so Vitamin Angels is reaching out to fill the gap with an extensive distribution network of 400 NGOs. Vitamin A Saves Lives!

Help Vitamin Angels Provide Children with Life-Saving Vitamin A

You can help Vitamin Angels reach and provide basic vitamins to these women and children. Even the smallest gift can change a child’s life. Donators can download and print a certificate of donation, and if you are giving a donation in someone’s honor, this would be a lovely way to present your gift to them. Our children can play and enjoy the holidays because they are healthy…we can help make this a reality for many more children as well.

Get involved. Donate now.

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  • This is why I love Vitamin Angels, they are always giving back.

  • In this day and age its hard to imagine there are still children that need help. I love the fact that Vitamin Angel gives back.

  • What a great campaign and such a small amount to help.

  • I’m very glad there are programs like these to help those in need.

  • Sounds like an awesome campaign and a great way to give back!

  • It is very sad that there are millions of children lack the nutrients that they need to function and grow. Thankfully, programs like this exist!

  • So many things that we take for granted here in America. No one has an excuse for this one. 25¢ won’t even buy you a cup of coffee these days!

  • Sounds like a wonderful program! It’s so easy to take things we have for granted and it’s sad that children in some places lack even the most basic of needs.

  • So many children that barely get enough to eat definitely couldn’t be getting the vitamins and nutrients their little bodies and minds need to grow strong and healthy. What a great program!

  • Marcie W.

    Who knew giving so little could benefit so much? Vitamin Angels definitely seems like the perfect name for this organization.