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Give The Gift They Will Always Remember #ExcitingHolidayGifts

It’s hard to shop for gifts for others, because unless they point blank tell us what they want, we are sort of guessing, and hoping we get it right. We can give a gift card, because they are useful and allow everyone to get what they want, but they are definitely impersonal, a little boring, and I don’t think most wives want to be handed a gift card from their husband (not very romantic or thoughtful).

So what do you get someone who means something to you? How about the gift of excitement? Excitations is the gift of experience, a concept in gifting that has been wildly popular in Europe for many years, and is now becoming popular in the U.S. Excitations was the first company to offer them here in the U.S. in 2005, providing an opportunity to give a very unique, meaningful gift that is extraordinarily memorable. It’s not something you wear or use, it’s something you do.

Give The Gift Of An Experience

fly a helicoptor

Know someone who would love to drive a NASCAR car, or ride a hang glider, or learn how to make sushi? Maybe they didn’t know the opportunity to learn or experience their dreams was so readily available and possible, and that these adventures are often closeby…maybe they are even a little nervous about it, but regret every year that passes that they don’t just go for it.

Excitations offers over 2,000 experiences to choose from that are so varied, and changed based on region, so there is definitely something for everyone. I’m in New York, and everything from cooking classes and golf lessons with a pro to the chance to fly a real military aircraft is available. I can spoil my husband with an old-fashioned hot lather shave, have my children enjoy a real life penguin encounter (penguins are the coolest animals in the world to little kids), or send my parents on a romantic hot air balloon ride….so many possibilities!


Doing makes people happier than having. Bringing a child to an amusement park for the day beats buying the child a new action figure in terms of excitement level and contentment. We can’t look back on a life filled with things with any fondness if we never actually did anything worth remembering. This last summer, my husband drove a ferrari for the first time ever, I swam with sharks, and my sons touched sea turtles. It was the summer of a lifetime, one we’ll never forget, and as a result, I can’t think of a more phenomenal gift to get someone else.

Let Them Choose Their Once In A Lifetime Experience

So you thought she wanted to enjoy a picnic in a vineyard, but it turns out she always wanted to go hang gliding. Guess what? Excitations will let her switch! They are dedicated to providing a wonderful experience and want their guests to be happy. You can purchase an individual experience, a Circle Choice package which provides the recipient with several choices at the same price point, or an Excitations Gift Card, and the recipient can choose their own dates, at their own convenience, to enjoy their once in a lifetime experience.

Use promo code PenelopeFreeShip until 12/21 for free UPS ground shipping and handling and your recipient can receive their Excitations gift in an attractive gift box by Christmas, or choose a printable certificate via email to be delivered on the same day as the order.

sky diving in new york

Have an exciting holiday!

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  • How cool is this! Some experiences just can’t be missed.

  • I’m not adventurous enough to ride a hang glider, but I wouldn’t mind taking some cooking classes. 🙂

  • I completely agree. An experience gift that I would love to receive would be a hot air balloon ride. I know my husband would be ecstatic if I gifted him a ride in a tank ;)!!

  • Pretty cool, as I’ve gotten older I’ve found that experiences are what are most important to me.

  • Wow, 2000 experiences? I’m sure it’d be easy to find something everyone can enjoy here!

  • rachel

    What an amazing experience! Memories are with you forever… toys are only for a moment. 🙂

  • If I could only be so lucky to get the gift of an experience like one of those for Christmas.

  • I would rather give experiences than gifts. Makes more lasting memories.

  • Wow it would be so neat to gift some of these suggestions to my loved ones.

  • My best gift giving experience was sending my in-laws on vacation. They still talk about that trip. This would be over the top to give them an experience gift.

  • Diane

    These are really cool ideas, snorkeling sounds like a blast. An experience gift is perfect to create wonderful memories.

  • That’s a perfect gift and I think most anyone would love it. It would let people do things they might not otherwise go for!

  • lisalia

    This is pretty cool, I would love to do the Hot air balloon ride but I know my hubby wouldn’t go. lol

  • I love giving (and receiving) experiences as gifts! They really create the most long-lasting memories!

  • Wow, this certainly would be a git they would never forget. Not sure what I would pick if I got this.

  • Wow so many things to choose from. This would be great for someone who enjoys adventures.

  • This year I am gifting experiences and not just things. I love giving an experience as opposed to a thing that may be forgotten in a few days.

  • Now this is EXCITING! What a gift to remember that is for sure! I would love a gift like this!

  • Wow definitely going to bookmark this for more consideration after the holidays. I know my husband would die a happy man if he got to enjoy NASCAR again.

  • Oh my gosh, this would be perfect for my brother and his girlfriend! They love adventures and this would be right up their alley. I’ll have to talk to my parents about pitching in together to get something like this for her.

  • A real life penguin encounter would be amazing! Yeah, with 2,000 experiences, there’s bound to be something for everyone. 🙂

  • I did something along the lines of experience for my girls. I got them concert tickets instead of a toy or clothes. i think its something they will remember for yrs to come

  • I wish I had been more daring in my 20’s, before I had kids. I don’t know if I would go skydiving now that they are here. It looks like such an unreal experience.

  • What a fun way to gift somebody something unique.

  • Sounds like a pretty fun experience and I know a few people who’d enjoy it!

  • Marcie W.

    My husband has a dream of flying in a certain military plane. I would love to see if Excitations offers this experience so I can surprise him with the gift of a lifetime.