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Harness Your Family’s Spending Power To Make College Dreams Come True

This post brought to you by Upromise by Sallie Mae. All opinions are 100% mine.

Parents want to help their children, and ideally we’d love to be able to help them with college costs as well, as much as we can. Upromise by Sallie Mae is a rewards program where shoppers can earn cash back for money for college, and by doing what we already do (shop), we can earn money toward the college educations of those we love.

Help Save For College By Shopping at Upromise

Members of Upromise have already received more than $800 million for college, and it’s free to join. By simply shopping online through Upromise.com at over eight hundred popular retailers you already shop at (like Target, Apple, Best Buy,and Old Navy- those are all my favorite stores!), families can earn up to five percent cash back on eligible purchases, and 10% if using the Upromise credit card. The money earned through Upromise can be put in a 529 college savings plan, used to pay down eligible student loans, deposited in a Sallie Mae savings account, or sent to you as a check.

This March is March Bonus College Savings Month and Upromise by Sallie Mae is increasing cash back for college to help families, college students and recent grads save for college. Nearly 300 online retailers are offering 7-20% cash back on eligible purchases made when starting at Upromise.com. This would be a great time to join!

You can save money toward college when you dine out, buy gas, shop for clothes, or even buy and sell a home, and that is increased when you use your Upromise credit card.

Enter To Win $500 Toward College

During March Bonus Savings Month, there is also a Upromise Facebook promotion in which just sharing your savings tips could win you $500 into your Upromise account. Just “like” the Upromise Facebook page and share a college savings tip (and while you’re there, maybe pick up a couple of new tips yourself). The winner will be announced March 26th (details at Facebook.com/Upromise).

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  • I am SO glad our daughter earned herself a full tuition & fees scholarship and got a semester stipend to go with it. It took so much pressure off of us to figure out how we were going to help foot the bill for a 4 year degree. That being said, now the pressure is all on her to get good grades up so she keeps the scholarship 🙂

  • Penelope

    I went through that too, I had a scholarship and had to study hard to keep up my GPA…that kept me in line all those college years 🙂

  • I was fortunate to have a full-ride to my private university … not sure how I would have afforded it otherwise…. there wasn’t such a thing as UPromise then!

  • I completely forgot about my Upromise account! Thanks for the reminder. OF course I can’t remember my login information because it’s been so long!

  • I wish I would have gotten the same when I was younger. Student loans are horrific!

  • WE have a Upromise account with both children. We only have a couple hundred in it for like ten years, but every little bit helps!

  • April Decheine

    Put three children through college, still managing two of their accounts. Would love to let it go!

  • This is one area I would like a do over on. My son will be a senior in high school next year.

  • Mickey

    It’s great that there are things like this to help families. College is insanely expensive. :/

  • The only thing I love more than shopping online is earning cash back! How wonderful to be able to consider your child’s education.

  • I’d never heard of this program before. What a great way to save up for such an important thing little by little.

  • I really wish I’d taken more advantage of that when my kids were younger. I started way too late, and it really adds up if you start early.

  • This is a wonderful program. I wish they would have had this when my son was born.

  • such a great program and with college rates climbing every little bit helps

  • This could really add up! I need to set up an account.

  • The cost of college is outrageous and this sounds like just the thing to help defray the cost.

  • Sounds like an awesome way to save up for college.

  • Upromise hasn’t really given me a whole lot of money through the years, but I can see where the concept is good. The cost of college is crazy!!

  • What a wonderful program!

  • Raijean

    My son is only 5 but it’s time I started looking towards his future..

  • With the rising cost of college, I don’t think we’ll be able to afford it without help like this program.

  • I just checked our Upromise account the other day and was impressed with what we had in there.

  • Donna

    I so hope our son can get full scholarships when he goes to college. I know I don’t want him to have to get student loans and pay for 10 years after he graduates, like I did.

  • Mickey

    I think it’s wonderful for parents to be able to earn money to use for tuition. Schools are so expensive!

  • I don’t really know what my daughter’s future holds. No matter where her progress is at, having a fund to help her get started would be great.

  • Great post, lots to think of when college rolls around. We put three children all through college. My two boys are now paying their own college bills which we love. Still paying for my daughters 🙂

  • Penelope

    How many children do you have?

  • We have three. 28, 26 and 22

  • Penelope

    Wow, you look tooooo young!;-)

  • Thank you Penelope!

  • We have a Upromise account that I had forgotten about. I wish we had the opportunities to add to it here like we did in FL. I just don’t see many places that accept upromise around here.

  • Florida has a prepaid college program. I have both children signed up under this.