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Playtex Lid Organizer and Drying Rack

In the early months of being a new mom, we can sometimes be super frazzled. We call it “mommy brain”, a state in which the lack of sleep combined with out of control hormones and spending all our time caretaking a teeny (and demanding) human being causes us to forget the most basic things- like closing the fridge door, and where that load of laundry we just put down five seconds ago is.

New moms need organization, and while we may not remember to put cap lids on the cap rack, having it so someone else can remember to do it for us helps when we need it…and it’s there, stored, clean and waiting. I didn’t have these when I was a new mom, and I wouldn’t wish the same on anyone else, so let me introduce you to some sanity saving products from Playtex…like the sleek, space-saving Playtex SmartStand Uiversal Lid Organizer:

playtex lid organizer

The Lid Organizer can be put together in less than a minute, can store up to 12 caps from sippies or other cups, and it rotates too. All those times you needed a cap and couldn’t find it anywhere on your shelves or drawers can finally come to an end, and the fact that it stores caps and lids vertically saves room too.

The other must have for new parents is Playtex Smart Space Drying Rack, which has spots to separate and organize bottles, cups, pacifiers, nipples, and bottle parts while they air dry, and even a side compartment for bottle brushes and baby utensils. There is an absorbent drying mat made from microfiber underneath that coordinates with it too.

playtex bottle dryer

It’s very versatile, and I can see it being used long after the bottle stage has passed because of how easy it is to add and remove parts and fit everything however works for you. It can hold and dry a lot of items, or store things in an organized manner, making everything easy to see and find- love it!

playtex bottle dryer-2

I’m working with Playtex this year to help new parents find support through the Playtex Mom Baby Trust program (link to site on sidebar button). With products made specifically to help parents, and advice and tips from other parents, you can find support with us. We all go through the same things!

What are some products that saved your sanity early on in your parenting journey?

  • GAH — I sooooo could have used this when I was in the bottle phase of Mommyhood.

  • This is so awesome, the perfect gift for a new mom. Wish I had had one.

  • Is it so bad that I want one of those drying racks though I don’t have any babies in the house?! It would be great for glasses, silverware, and caps/lids. We used to have these disposable bibs and plastic reusable sippy cups that make eating out soooo much easier!

  • Raijean

    How neat is this? My friend could use one for her baby!

  • I am definitely in the thick of the “Mommy brain” period right now! I could definitely use that dryer rack, I love the look of it!

  • So nice knowing that everything is right there where you need when you need it! They’re really thinking about moms!

  • Penelope

    That is what I told my husband! I said “this can be used to dry anything, it’s versatile for long term use”

  • Thanks for posting about this, I’m going to keep it in mind for a gift for any new moms I know. It was a long time ago that I had a baby, but I remember the bottles and lids and sippy cups overtaking my counter top! This would have been so handy.

  • This is a great tool. I wish this was around 6 years ago.

  • Now this is AWESOME!! I love how it folds up and it is so compact!!! Great organizer for sure!!

  • This looks like a neat product! My daughter could use it for her milk jar lids!

    I loved our bouncy seat because all our children loved it and I could move them from room to room with me as I cleaned, folded laundry etc.

  • This is so cool looking and such a neat concept. I can come up with many other issues besides just baby bottles. Thank you for telling us about this neat gadget.

  • I most definitely have mommy brain almost 7 weeks pp! I forget things all day long and can’t form coherent sentences

  • This would have come in so handy when my daughter was little.

  • Just the thought of organized storage makes me smile! I was a bottle feeding mama, so something like this could have really come in handy.

  • This is amazing. I wish I had one when I was younger and needed it! It’s a perfect gift for a new mom.

  • I wish I had one of these when my kids were little.

  • I need a lid organizer for my fitness bottles LOL! And I’m not so sure I don’t still have a little “mommy brain” even though my youngest is 8!

  • It have a Munchkins drying rack, but it isn’t good as this one. 🙂

  • Wow, how I am getting this for my daughter! She is do in September, love it!

  • This is so handy! It’s usually a struggle to get things completely dry and not smelling stale.

  • This looks like a very handy organizer. This would have come in handy with the babies but ours was very basic.

  • These are some great products. They would be really nice baby shower gifts.

  • I used a sanitizer thingy that you put into the microwave. I could use it at night and have clean bottles the next morning. While I’m not a huge microwave fan, it was convenient and I wasn’t heating up the kitchen by boiling water on the stove.

  • This would have been so nice to have when my children were much smaller!