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The Captain’s Bed

At some point in our makeovers, we knew we’d be getting our boys new beds, and I specifically wanted a captain’s bed with trundle for little man. He sometimes still rolls off the bed, and now he has someplace to safely land. It also doubles as an extra bed for when the boys want to sleep in the same room, or little man has a friend stay over- it’s perfect!

captain bed with trundle

We chose a bed in dark wood, and the bookcase headboard is wonderful to hold all his books for bedtime stories. He can store some toys there as well, an alarm clock, anything he needs.

captain bed-2

Underneath the bed are three roomy drawers for more storage space, and obviously the trundle isn’t show here (we still need a trundle mattress- our second twin mattress is too big so for now the trundle is outside)…overall, there is so much storage space for organizing, it’s the perfect bed for little boys!

captain bed with drawers

We have our new captain’s bed dressed up with a reversible quilt and matching pillow shams from Brylane Home in Ocean Blue and Ivory, which goes very nicely with the dark wood. You can see that it’s a beautiful set with a lovely quilted pattern, and that you can flip it over for a new color/new look. What you can’t see is that this quilted bedding set is super velvety soft, making you just want to stretch out and bury yourself into it for a nice long nap- so cozy!

I hope little man agrees and eagerly goes to sleep at bedtime now- I can’t imagine a more inviting bed for little boys!

dr seuss sleep book

The bedding featured here was sent to us from Brylane Home

  • Love the bed- and the bedding! My son has a raised bed with bookcases & drawers underneath- having that extra storage space is so nice!

  • Love the bed, that would of been perfect for my boys, so much space saved with the drawers underneath!

  • I would love to get my daughter a trundle bed. I think they are great for sleepovers!

  • I thought about buying a bed like this for my son in the past since they do create a lot of space!

  • A bed like this with drawer space underneath would be amazing for each of my girls since they still share a bedroom. They would also go crazy over having their own individual bookcase/headboard space!

  • Penelope

    I’m expecting my boys to want to share a room for a while (they have a lot of fun together) so I thought this would be a great way to do that too.

  • Penelope

    Growing up I always had the most basic bed, I didn’t even know such cool beds existed (and my son LOVES it, he went ahead and stacked all his book on it so it’s overloaded with picture books now 🙂 – it’s wonderful)

  • I love the bed. What’s the Perry thing on top?

  • We went back and forth and back and forth on whether or not to get a trundle set up for our sons … we opted for a bunk bed/loft system but your little guy’s bed is making have a wee bit of buyer’s remorse. LOVE the blue comforter.

  • That’s a nice bed! We’re looking for a new bed for my son and I seriously think we may go with something similar to this.

  • Penelope

    It’s an iPod player…he doesn’t have an iPod though (it was a gift) so it’s just his Perry, since he loves Phineas and Ferb 🙂

  • That is really cute. I love the drawers underneath! That blue with the wood looks really nice!

  • Raijean

    This is such a neat bed!

  • Our daughter’s first bed was also a captain’s bed with the drawers underneath (no trundle bed though). We eventually upgraded her from the twin to a queen when she was 11 because her bedroom was also used as the guest room when we had company. I think she’s going to have difficulties going back to the narrow twin when she goes to her dorm room in fall, LOL!

  • This looks like the perfect bed for him, not a “child” bed but still has everything a child needs STORAGE!

  • We love trundle beds. They are such space savers. We had ours custom made by a carpenter and our children still managed to destroy them. 🙁 So disappointing.

  • I love the storage in there, the boys could really use these. Now that they are older, I was thinking of getting rid of the bunk beds and getting them something like this.

  • Penelope

    My boys are already jumping all around, and I heard the first “crick”…so they’ll probably tear it apart 🙂 It’s made from pine which is a softer wood, so I’m hoping it lasts at least a few years!

  • Certainly a nice bed that will last him for many years.

  • That’s very similar to the bed we are looking to get for Zoe. She has friends and her cousin stay all the time now so we need an additional place for them to sleep.

  • Donna

    I would have loved something like this when my son was younger… sure could use the extra storage. Your son definitely has a very handsome bed! 🙂

  • I love Captain’s beds, esp with the trundle. The storage space is great, esp for kids’ rooms.

  • You’ll get years and years of use from that and I love all the drawer storage! Cute bedding too!

  • Karrie Smith

    I could appreciate this

  • My son had a captains bed when he was growing up. It was so easy to make up, and I loved the drawers underneath. He had the smallest room in the house, but because his bed was a twin and had storage under it, he actually had more space than his sisters did because they shared the larger bedroom. I love the color you chose for Little Man’s comforter set. Seth had his walls painted gray and we got his bedding in gray/burgundy.

  • Mickey

    One of my daughters has a Captain’s Bed and loves it. That extra storage is awesome!!

  • Love all that storage space and that reversible quilt is a great idea to easily change up the look!

  • I love the drawers underneath for added storage. Such a great looking bed.

  • I love furniture with built in storage that still has clean lines!

  • love the blue so bright and so perfect and certainly will grow with him.

    We’ve been looking at captains beds for the boys for quite some time but can’t decided on that or a bunk bed

  • Penelope

    For long term, a captain’s bed is probably better…we wish we were in a financial position that we could have gotten the full size (but we’d need to buy a bigger bed, plus a new mattress, sheets, etc)…boys probably would appreciate a full size in their teen years.

  • How cute! Does he love it yet?

    My youngest, who used to sleep alone, now either sleeps with me or big sister. Lately she’s been with bib sis, which saves my sanity, but I will be so happy to see her finally go back to her own bed!

  • What a great bed. Looks very well made with lots of storage.

  • Oh this looks like a totally awesome bed and mighty comfortable. I need a King size one for my husband and I! We need a new bed something fierce. These pictures make me want to curl up on this bed and go to sleep.

  • Penelope

    We want a kind bed for ourselves too, but it’s a bit down the list of makeovers for us…so many other renovations and decor makeovers to do first!

  • Love that bed! All the storage in the head board and underneath with the drawers is perfect for all the stuff kids have!