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Our Family’s Favorite Snacks #FinishMoms #CleanItForward

I’m part of the Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms, encouraging others to #CleanItForward in the Power and Free Challenge for a better 2014.

Sometimes you just feel like snacking, and in this house, we keep a lot of healthy snacks around for when we get the munchies. Between baby carrots, healthy trail mix, and fruit snacks, we are covered, whatever our taste buds are in the mood for.

healthy trail mix recipe

I’ve never been the “three meals a day” type, because I know people can be hungry throughout the day, and we have smaller meals with healthy snacks in between. Eating until we were full three times a day, then going hungry until the next meal, never made any sense to me, and I read that eating smaller meals more often is actually good for our blood sugar levels (no crazy highs and lows), and it works for us.

I shop once a week for groceries, at grocery stores that carry organic produce and general health-conscious food products. When my parents were growing up, everything was organic, because they grew their own food and raised their own animals. Today we have to actively look for healthier foods, so I try to buy organic, and local, as often as I can. I’m even growing my own vegetable garden now to help us always have a ready source of healthy and organic vegetables and herbs.

Finish® has a new line of products designed to be less harsh so it can be used with baby products, like Nuk. Nuk’s safe shatter-proof bowls, utensils, pacifiers and developmental cups are BPA free and dishwasher safe, so can be safely washed (on the top rack of the dishwasher) with Finish Quantum Finish Power & Free, as well as Finish Jet-Dry Power and Free, because they feature less harsh chemicals vs Finish® Quantum® base formula but with the same powerful clean to get our dishes sparkling. Since we value good health, less harsh chemicals is important to us (and since we heard the good news that a few friends are having babies, we plan to gift them with Nuk baby products to start off well).

jet dry

Want to learn more about Power & Free products? Visit their site, follow them on facebook and youtube, and get dish cleaning tips from Finish’s dish washing experts here. You can find special offers and discounts as well so you can try it out.

How do you “Clean It Forward”? Take the Power & Free challenge to keep your dishes cleaner with less harsh ingredients also.

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I’m a member of the 2014 Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms and wrote this post as part of my partnership.

  • Raijean

    Those are great options! I need to make some this week. Love, Finish products they do an amazing job on my dishes.

  • Kathleen

    I have never seen popcorn in trail mix before. Yum, I bet my boys would love that.

  • I’m really trying to make better choices with food but haven’t been doing very good. Thanks for this idea of a healthier trail mix.

  • Your trail mix looks delicious. I need to find more healthy snacks.

  • Your snack looks yummy and love that you are growing your own garden. I’m afraid we would starve if that was left in my hands LOL!

  • Trail mix is definitely one of my biggest vices and Finish products are a favorite around our home.

  • I really need to get a new dishwasher. OUrs broke last spring and I haven’t bought a new one yet. I buy a lot of organic and am trying to get my family away from packaged products, which is a VERY hard habit to break. Love the looks of your healthy trail mix.

  • I need to try and eat more smaller meals. I end up snacking too much in between meals

  • That trail mix looks so good. I am sure I would love it!! My husband is diabetic so he has to watch what he eats.

  • I need to make some trail mix for my family.

    I use Finish but I need to look into this new line.

  • I love trail mix! I should pick up some Finish to try. I am always open to trying products with less or no harsh chemicals!

  • In our last home I could for some reason only use Finish in my dishwasher, every other kind did some crazy number on my dishes and the interior of my machine. When we moved I thought I’d try something else… well I’m back to Finish because it really does the best job clean hands down over any other kind of detergent I’ve tried. I’m happy they were able to cut down on the harsh chemicals and still get as good of a clean!

  • We love trail mix and seeing your post makes me want to make some.

  • That’s one of our favorite snacks as well!

  • That looks so delicious. I want to make some for my desk at work.

  • I use Finish anyhow, but I want to switch to this version instead. Also, your snack mix looks yummy!

  • Your trail mix looks good. We make our own sometimes, too.

  • One of these days I will get a dishwasher. I have been our dishwasher for the past 9 years and I’m tired lol 🙂

  • I think it’s so sad that food companies make money off of selling product that isn’t healthy for human consumption. But good for you for buying natural and organic.