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Style Icon: Ali MacGraw in Love Story

One of my favorite movies of all time is a romantic movie, Love Story with Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw as the adorable couple that showed us all what true love really is. Popular and wealthy Oliver Barrett IV falls in love with brilliant but poor Jennifer Cavalleri amidst hockey games, late night studying and making snow angels on the Harvard campus lawn.

The two college sweethearts create a life together despite social disparities and the opposition of parents, and while Jenny’s poor background doesn’t sit well with Oliver’s parents, the mystery is how her classic, eternally fashionable wardrobe doesn’t win them over. In every scene if the movie, Jenny is the quintessential preppy beauty, wearing lovely styles that are still emulated today by fashionable women- from her demure black with white piping dress and plaid skirts, to her cozy camel hair coats and black pea coats, Jenny Cavalleri is a fashion icon for every generation.

style icon ali macgraw fashion

When you are meeting his parents for the first time, or anyone, a timeless outfit with beautiful accessories is the best choice, such as this pretty red dress, chain strap black quilted purse, and cute Mary Jane shoes:


Smart is sexy! Love retro glasses and Oxfords, and prim, pretty dresses rock!

pretty pretty fashion love story

smart is sexy fashion

If you are looking for a great movie for your date night, or just to watch with the girls, Love Story is fabulous. You’ll be inspired by this tale of a young love that slowly unfolds into a forever love, and inspired with ideas for your fall and winter fashion as well.